Proposal for future of Wonderland

It is said that treasury is generating greater than 1 million dollars a day. Folks, if we wait enough, we could easily double (and what not!) our treasury, taking price of wMEMO far above $100k! Here’s the model I find suitable to realise this:

  • Making wMEMO hard capped asset and clarify the users that when they buy wMEMO, they lock their % share of treasury.
    • This is valid as moving business to wMEMO means everyone is essentially staked (traditionally if less users are staked, your % share would increase), the only way I see their % market share get increased is if buy-back & subsequent burn of wMEMO happens if it were to fall below backing price.
    • % share wouldn’t decrease if we eliminate dilutive mints.
    • This also means that we should remove APY advertisement in main page. Putting APY at home page is false advertising and making us the reason for false education. These misunderstandings is what likely then causes discord community to become toxic.
  • Deploying treasury at best possible use.
    • Yield farming opportunities, etc.
    • Continuing at VC type investments.
    • For this we need to hire expert(s) in the field as our treasury manager(s).
  • Others:
    • Revamping website.
      • Why the hell “Wrap” button doesn’t appear on mobile screens? I being web developer can easily just insert hamburger menu for small screens.
    • Thorough updation of Documents. Making it open source.
      • Usually, documents have “Edit this page” option, this option is missing in our documents. I at times wanted to contribute but due to this wasn’t able to.
      • Seemingly Gitbook doesn’t allow open contribution, we should therefore use Packages like Docusaurus.
    • Urging developers to contribute to Github. Currently if you see our Github repo, it feels like an empty place.
    • Clear illustration of our current deployment of funds with comments for “why this choice?” underneath.

So I’m not sure what you are actually proposing ?

Some of the stuff is already done. Some is just obvious/common sense. Some stuff has already been discussed and we were told was ongoing (who knows if it will happen now).

I’m just unsure what you are concretely trying to achieve with this “proposal” ?

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