Proposal for wMEMO locked staking and yield earning NFTs

Locked staking will allow the project enough time to scale and develop its plans while reducing sell pressure. At the sametime you will have investors getting paid more daily for locking. It wont be compulsary to lock. It will just be an option to increase your daily earnings. Everyones start and end date will be different.

(Note that the percentages are just examples and tokenomics will determine how much is paid daily)

Free staking without locking will earn 0.50% a day
45 days locked staking will earn 0.80% a day
Specially priced NFTs sales which pay 1% a day
Specially priced NFTs sales which pay 1.2% a day

The NFT sales will always help to increase wMEMO reserves and part of the sales will go to reward pool.

Rewards can be paid with multiple tokens in the treasury such as MIM, wMEMO, wETH and other tokens from future seed investments.

At the moment the treasury holds some weMEMO and various tokens it can use to pay daily earnings. Profits made from farming and spot trade profits. We also have future seed project profits which will help.

We can either choose to have a harvest/unstake fee or sell tax.

Lets discuss

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Team is already planning a revenue share proposal. Iā€™d rather wait to see what it looks like before suggesting other major changes like this one.

Yes , can you please submit the topic to be [RFC] with goal to be executed latter as [WIP]? Thank you

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