PROPOSAL Full Reimbursement of IOU tokens with conditional approval of merger


  1. Take a snapshot prior to the cascading liquidation event and give all of us special IOU token that is equivalent to MIM at the $100K wMEMO price (lets make sure we exclude those price manipulators on this IOUs)

  2. This IOU token then can be staked at Abracadabra like a stablecoin farming, and we get slow conversion of IOUs into MIM with interest over time. (I propose 50-100% APY just to compete with other stable coin farming :wink:

  3. Converted IOU tokens will be burned until all of IOUs are paid in full. The speed of payback time can be changed as needed (upon approval) as income level fluctuates (or have function where user can change payout rate/interest rate dial-shorter time with lower apy/longer time with higher apy)

  4. Our original position of wMEMO and TIME is merged into the Spell as proposed, but since our investment was made whole by the IOU Token, This dilution is essentially an free airdrop to the community for making such a horrible shit show and causing irreconcilable emotional distress.
    and no those who got liquidated will not get their dilution air drop because this is fair thing to do.

  5. This measure is essentially admitting that the TIME Wonderland project was failure and the treasury fund returned back to the investors in full. But because this means end of the Frognation as we know it.
    The issuance of IOU token is in essences borrowing our original investment back from us again with promise of interest payment so they can use the treasury fund to make us whole again.

I think this is only solution that is fair for everyone. This might be bit of extreme proposal, but I believe at current stage the entire project’s future is at risk and the credibility and confidence of Danny and Sifu is GREATLY diminished.
Also, any half baked solution will only further divide the community and bring more confusion since those measures cannot be fair to everyone and will inevitably upset and divided us.
and if Danny and Sifu is so confident in making this profitable venture, what I propose shouldnt be too difficult to fulfill.

AND LASTLY, I personaly think the current merger proposal looks very much like highly cooridinated bait and switch. Currently, the merger proposal makes Danny and Sifu look like they’re running away with nearly Billion Dollars of OUR MONEY while we are forced to realize this give or take 90% loss and this dilution is very timely shoved down our throats. But I’m willing to give Danny and Sifu benefit of doubt


I think this is a good suggestion… Long term (3-6 month) benefit needed.
And let Danny and Sifu take the chance of showing, that they are not doing a rug pull of a billion.
Hopefully nobody will go for suicid in this situation. And hopefully for Danny and sifu noone of the big loosers are near to mafia like behaviours… then they would have to fear for their life on the next big conference, where they demonstrate their big competence and probably the next rug pull with famous slides.
Will see, what happens the next time….

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