Proposal - Hire DefiMagick as treasury manager

I like DefiMagick and I envy his expertise in defi. Here are his main points to improve wonderland in this video.

He also has a lot of potential in expanding our exposure to more defi yielding strategies, especially on the new fantom ecosystem.


Love this proposal and DefiMagick has also tweeted a thread for the same so i am 100% behind this idea

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Would need to see credentials first but he is doxxed, invested in the project, has great ideas. Suitable candidate imo

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I like this guy a lot. He agrees with killing leverage, or at least leaving leveraged people to fend for themselves, and stopping buy backs. Those are the basics.

I would like to learn more about this guy. He is the best I’ve seen proposed so far.

I am totally in this, if not the treasury manager than the official wonderland video chanels host. I vote yes, hope we arrive to a snapshotvote with this

He is a tru frog and wonderland investor he could be the spokes person of wonderland, Dani is a visionary, but not necessarily effective in communication with simple people, DeFi Magick has this very calm very solid attitude and if you listen to him everyone can understand, all this fud could have been avoided with better communication. Let’s fix this, all of us who haven’t sold. The idea is still genius, the treasury is still there, we just need to believe and stop fudding this project. Show support for our project.

Probably needs a good background/credential check first, but at a first glance, the guy is very well spoken and has proper logical ideas and solutions to the current situation.

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