Proposal: Hiring a Community Manager

Wonderland suffers from a communication and transparency issue. We had gotten by somehow with informal AMAs by Voleur (aka wSifu). With the recent turmoil, we have a void that needs to be filled. There is a separate proposal for a Treasury team/manager but we still require a community manager that we can trust and rely on to give us clear cut information without the BS.

The proposal is to hire or nominate a community manager. The expectation is that they will:

  • Be in close communication with Dani and the future treasury team to keep us up to date on the latest news and plans.
  • They will also be managing the team of mods on discord and any other communication channels. Official twitter posts.

We should prefer either a professional or member of the community with a proven track record as a community moderator. The main condition being that it is a person that:

  • Required to be someone that the community appoints rather than someone that the founders appoint
  • The community manager is required to be doxxed (to Dani and Community should know the first name, last name and city of the manager)
  • The community manager will be reimbursed through treasury funds (amount to be determined)
  • The community manager contract will need to be re-evaluated on a quarterly basis

Nominations and suggestions should be posted below. Nominations will be tallied per unique user.
Once we narrow down a list of potential candidates, they will be put to a vote in the snapshot.

Yes you are allowed to nominate yourself. Please give a brief outline of why you or your nominee should be hired. ie - what actions you will take to improve communications. If you will be holding regular AMAs

For any joke nominations, the poster will be tarred and feathered :slight_smile:

Yes, she’s a good egg.

Has always been a calming force on the community, a steady hand in the storm.

Seems to have her head on straight.

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Why promote her she she is doing a good job in her current position?

You know the old adage of people being promoted to their level of incompetence.

I thought that they had the right capabilities and mindset to manage the community. At this point I don’t trust any community manager appointed by the founders to be completely transparent with us. As they have proven they are not completely honest. If they are more concerned about protecting their reputation, it is a problem.
Better to promote one of us and someone we know that has good character

So I agree with the idea in principle, but why not have a proposal to start a hiring/nomination process for a community manager instead ? Laying out what the people that want to participate need to provide for information to “convince us”. Keeping in mind that someone that is a mod has a head start over some anon.

That way we get options the community can pick who they think is best.

Nothing against Alice. she could probably do a good job, but maybe she doesn’t want to or can’t.

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That is a fair point and we will have more options that way. I will re-word my post

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How about we have already known public face like Defi Magick who makes wonderful videos of wonderland and he has credibility and defi expertise he combined with Infos coming from Daniele could change the game go ahead and search for defi magick on youtube sorry no links as no one should click on any links.

Yep, if they are willing, they should be considered. It will be time consuming endeavor and they will need to set aside some time for it.

post has been updated

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Keep in mind the Community Manager doesn’t have to be “well known” and it could be a team of frogs. That being said, they could definitely reach out to some of these people and provide “exclusive” info or some of the behind the scene stuff.

Most well known figure have their own thing going and might not have the time to do this.

I for one, would like to be a part of that. Whether it’s as Community Manager or just helping the community manager. I do have some experience on Board of Directors and helping coordinating events for target audiences. I’ve been asking for more structure/organization around this type of stuff for months now.

That being said, with the change in admin on the Discord, I’ve been told the mods are looking into increasing the engagement of the community once the dust settles and hope things will go smoother with the new “structure”. Hopefully, they will take this discussion/proposal into consideration!

Definitely bookmarking it to flag it when the time comes.

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