Proposal - iBuyFud to be sole treasury manager for Wonderland

Dear Frog Nation,

It’s clear that we need a dramatic change of leadership when it comes to treasury asset management and there are sharks in the water. People will try to come in and seize the treasury assets for their own personal use. So i post here today asking to implement a five stage plan to hopefully bring piece of mind to the frog nation.

As treasury manager I promise to carry out the following actions without failure. This plan is carefully and methodically thought out and I truly believe that this is the best scenario for everybody involved within the chaos that has ensued within the past few weeks. From Sifu being a known scammer handling 9 figures worth of treasury funds to mim liquidity being pulled on curve. I truly only see this as the only viable option for wonderland and I believe we can “save face” by stepping in and making these corrections to the current policy surrounding treasury funds. My five step plan is outlined below.

  1. Elect me treasury manager
  2. Liquidate avax and mims holdings for dai
  3. Make an OTC deal with Olympus DAO. Exchange All treasury assets for Ohm
  4. Airdrop the corresponding Ohm to down bad froggies (Daniele and Sifu’s addresses would be blacklisted)
  5. Dissolve the Wonderland DAO

It’s clear that the majority of investors here bought due to the nature of wonderland being an Olympus fork. Simply changing the tokenomics or core base of the project will only bring more confusion and less direction. Wonderland has little to no leadership at this point and having any random entity step in simply because Daniele doesn’t want to handle this shit storm will only prove to be increasingly harmful to the frog nation. The people offering their leadership are here for monetary gain. Their advice and leadership comes with a cost.

Me on the other hand, would do this for no treasury funds and completely free. I simply believe frog nation would be better off with a decapitation rather than a death of a thousand cuts of incompetency.

  • Elect IBuyFud Treasury Lead
  • Do Not Elect iBuyFud

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Is it a joke it is not completely free.

You Make an OTC deal with Olympus DAO
You destroy us .

We will get the dollar amount equivalent in ohm. It’s not doing it for free. An OTC deal would simply be done to buy ohm in large amounts.

Why do we need you for this ? Couldn’t we just go to Olympus directly ? Makes no sense.

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