PROPOSAL: Keeping FROG NATION ALIVE! w/Wonderland rebranding

Instead of just giving the treasury back to holders why dont we keep the frog nation alive and vote to change wonderland how we want to? Kick dani and sifu, rebrand wonderland and do good shit for ALL FROGS with a growing treasury and rev share. I got in this for passive income we can make this work if wonderland fails after being ona bloomberg article then thats a hit to defi will the frog nation really allow that to happen?

Lets vote in a new dev/dev team to take over maybe Andre?

Lets do it for all frogs!


lol :joy:

Wonderland has potential, Yes! But in order to make a restart we need to calm the pople down and payback their original investment. Thats the only way to keep the community together, eventhough some might leave but it would gain alot of trust WHICH had the biggest loss, more than memo. Switching from one token to another, from one project to another, not delivering on airdrops, not delivering on buybacks etc, this all cost trust and thats what we need to get back.

The only way for us to restart is to dissemble the treasury and give back to those who ve been screwed the most. We will still get many opportunities in defi, but at this stage with these news about dani and sifu, no chance new investors will trust this project.

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I agree with sifu but not sure of dani. he started it all

I would never vote to remove Dani, you dont remove your best general in a war for your survival. However, sifu fate is up to vote by community.

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You are so fucking delusional man. We lost 70% of principal value PRIOR to Sifu’s doxxing. The reputation is beyond repair on Twitter, Discord, Reddit, forums etc. and has been covered by major news outlets including Bloomberg. There is no recovering from having a former treasurer tied or linked to identity fraud, murder, credit card scams, money laundering, embezzling client funds, child pornography, narcotics and human trafficking. Learn how to get out when you are luckily given a chance and learn from this lesson you idiotic bonehead. How can you be this ignorant when hundreds of millions have been lost from thousands of holders who are everyday working people, multiple suicides, lives ruined from leverage. The treasury swap is the only hope to even recoup some salvage value.

I wasnt supporting Sifu. But im also not his judge we all are. Far as Dani… tell me something, how did you get here? Exactly, Dani knows how to build, let the man build.

Shut up idiot, theres half a billion dollars on the table that can actually make everyone who invested rich, we could all put those funds into other protocols to make an actual rev share for EVERYONE. What are you going to do after you sell your losses? some other project? We make this work and turn this around.

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Ever heard of the boeing super max? If i recall that airplane is responsible for lots of crashes because of faulty components. A few updates later, its back in the air and boeing is just fine. Give the people a taste of passive from the treasury, i bet they all come back because the entry point is as good as ever.

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Dani knew about sifu’s past and allowed him to be voted as the person to manage the treasury. If he stays as a lead to a fund thats supposed to invest into other projects, who is going to want to be affiliated with that? Look at the people freaking out in the discord.

yes staying alive it a most share it ü

every thing can recover !!! A major party of the asset is stable and invest in trustable project. Why do you want to make us loose more.

I see your point clearly, however wonderland is an ecosystem 'popsicle ice, abracaadabra, now sushiswap, and wonderland. He identifies with all of these projects directly/indirectly.

He made enemies with bad tact, i questioned some communications but i never doubted the motivation and drive he has and knowledge for how to make money.

Character wise, he paid back the hack of popsicle from his own funds, he is paying back those from the liquidation from his own funds. I personally think he would be happy broke as long as he knows he did right by people. He messed up big time with Sifu, but that was because he had absolutely no one telling him otherwise "very apparent"considering those in his circle knew for over a month like Dani did. The guy that released the info himself knew for over a month, does anyone question his motive? Was he lining his pocket with insider information making a quick buck off the knowledge before finally revealing it? We dont know those answers, but dani never denied he knew when asked, he could have lied and pretended it was news.

His mistake was thinking he could assist a friend who obviously never revealed his full past. Dani only found out one month ago, wonderland has been going since august and im sure the plan to establish started much earlier.

Im not naive, in real life i trust no one so i dont trust dani - i dont doubt his heart and energy though. The guy can flat out go nonstop and thats exactly what we need right now, but he needs to focus on just fixing wonderland and letting a team handle communication.

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