Proposal: liquidation, new manager or stay the sifu (100TIME to make a snapshot proposal)

I offer my thoughts,

Basically all the dissatisfaction, loss and pain now come from the fall of wMEMO and TIME,

So we need to figure out what do we really want?

First of all we now know that Sifu himself is a prisoner (not sure if he has served his sentence),

This theoretically has no effect on the anonymous team itself,

Currently Wonderland itself earns 1MM a day, of course based on sifu’s own status,

This must be subject to an accounting audit to confirm authenticity.

There is no problem with the structure of wonderland itself. We can’t blame the person who make you losing money

as long as they are reasonable and lawful.

Such as: giant whale jump, liquidation cascade, etc…

So what do we actually need?

1.If we want to liquidate wonderland, the proposal will be executed, whether it is actually executed or not, this will become a record for subsequent judicial units.

  1. If we believe that Wonderland should retain and ask the new manager to control and be responsible for compensation for the price affected by sifu’s own information, the same proposal will be implemented.

  2. Although this is rather strange, if sifu himself really spends his time on management and has no litigation problems, I have no opinion on his retention.

I personally do not have the ability to create a daily income of 1MM on 100MM of money.

Where feasible, he should be allowed to remain in office to repay and create new value to holders, but all on the premise that he is free from litigation and under supervision.

As daniele said, whoever did not make a mistake, as long as he repaid or served his sentence, everyone can have a new future.

As someone who holds 35k and now only has 5k left, these are my thoughts.

We need to do something.

Let’s get Sifu out, the abracadabra merger completed, TIME / wMEMO holders receive a premium bid in SPELL. Let Wonderland die and move on.

Let merger arbitrage do it’s thing so if you want to get out you can for a higher price, or if you want to stay you can remain as part of Abra.

Sifu has already gone. This was an essential first step in getting Wonderland back on course. It was a terrible shock to find that a career criminal fraudster controlled the treasury. I will be reassured when I know he has nothing to do with management, or giving advice, or whatever, with Wonderland, Abracadabra or any of the other projects we end up getting into.

Whatever funds Sifu moved around should be audited.

We will need a team competent in running whatever sort of operation which we have moving forward. Whether that is a super Abacadabra, with combined treasury, or a VC fund with actually competent people running the show.

Finding out that Sifu was a fraudster, and seeing him leave the project, could actually be very good for the price of wMEMO. It restores a lot of confidence. It gives people a kind of explanation for why things fell apart so quickly, even though it isn’t really the reason.

We must stop buy backs and never give protection to people using leverage. It invites predators to push down the price.


Indeed, he is a liar, and I am not going to defend it.
But if he has the talent to make money, we can still borrow his talent after proper treatment.
For example: hire him as a consultant to provide guidance without direct access to the wallet, and use daniele’s account funds as a guarantee.
But again, it all had to go through an audit process.And sifu must paid for his actions

I think you can count Sifu out of the project. He will have the Feds and a ton of frogs on his tail. It is only a matter of time before his address gets published. They guy has probably already gone into hiding.

He will also put a lot of people off the project if he continues to have any association with Wonderland, Abra, whatever.

This is a golden opportunity to capatalise on relief that Sifu is out of the project.

A lot of people will blame every fault on Sifu. It will give us a boost. Lets not sap that good will by saying the guy might slide back into the project somehow.

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This is a DAO review, so I just express my thoughts.
Of course I also agree that having Sifu quit on Wonderland was the best option.
But we will face another problem:
Who will be the manager of wonderland? And we have enough trust?
Should we believe him/her if it’s the next anonymous?
We have no way of knowing how he performed, and perhaps these questions are why I have to think about why I stayed Sifu.
But that’s the end of the sifu discussion, if wonderland doesn’t want him then he has to leave.

The project is big enough to be able to get 100% doxed, known, experienced, experts to take up new positions and to replace Sifu.

No more anons = big boost for Wonderland.

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I think we have to know one thing,
If such a person exists, why should he lead Wonderland?
Explain every day for a boatload of FUD people? Let others ridicule or have to be patient to explain.
I personally cannot.
I am also the project manager of DAO, and my attitude towards those people is that get out of here, I don’t care your money.

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