PROPOSAL: Make everyone happy on both sides of the vote

So as of right now j see posts with 800 votes significantly deciding to dissolve the treasury and also posts with 400 votes deciding to change management and keep the project going. So I have a proposal to make everyone happy.

I suggest that the project go ahead and change management BUT include a rage quit button on the website for people that need to get out.

Once clicking the button you would be paid your proportion of the treasury up to the supposed to be 50k backing price and your wmemo tokens would be burned. Leaving identical backing and stock split between everyone else.

This way there are no losers to the vote, and the project will be left with only fully committed diamond hand investors ready to progress the project onwards.


people dont realize that the whales are buying hard right now and the only ones selling are the small bag emotional idiots… just look at the top 100 wallets lol

also: awesome when people jump ship and the wmemo gets burned. means my revshare gets higher. nice :slight_smile:


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