PROPOSAL - Make Wonderland an OTC VC fund that can never fall below backing

So we are currently getting smashed by whales scooping up cheap wMemo on dexes. This is not good for the protocol nor for those who are hodling tight or sold at a loss below backing.

The treasury still holds all that lovely money that could be farmed (as was the original intention) into an even bigger pile of cash for the holders.

Here is my suggestion…

  1. Cap the supply of time/memo/wMemo now. No more rebases.

  2. Remove all liquidity from all dexes.

  3. Put the non wMemo half of any LP tokens back into the treasury and burn the wMemo.

  4. The only place people can now buy or sell wMemo is OTC directly through the treasury.

  5. Treasury price is always backing price.

  6. The backing price will grow as the treasury continues to invest in new protocols and yield farms. In turn this increases the price of wMemo.

  7. Wonderland should not enter into any wMemo/tknXYZ liquidity pools and should remain as an OTC desk only.

  8. New buyers can only enter wMemo if the treasury has spare wMemo to sell (that it has bought back at backing from someone)

  9. Similar to the MIM replenishment tweets a tweet can be sent out saying “Treasury has 7 wMemo to sell” as appropriate.

  10. Due to the capped supply the premium for holding wMemo becomes rarity and this could potentially sned wMemo higher (if degen apes were willing to start their own LP)

  11. Backing price will not drop when people sell into the treasury as the treasury will then hold that wMemo for sale and when it sells it will also be at the backing price. The wMemo held between sales by the treasury will not count when working out backing per wMemo. This means that the treasury value may contract and expand but backing would remain constant.

This would kill off a lot of the whales trying to pump and dump wonderland and would lead to an instant arbitrage opportunity up to backing price from current price. We then start our journey together as frogs within the VC fund and SPAC space.

As the treasury will always buy/sell at backing those wishing to lave can leave and those wishing to stay will gain value up to backing.

It may feel hard to give up the rebases but c’mon man that was never gonna last.

It would be a shame to lose the big treasury and future that the frogs have worked so hard toward.

This proposal would tie in with other proposals in terms of who will manage treasury moving forward.

Kind regards


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People need to stop with all these votes.

We need to focus on not dissolving Wonderland at the moment and then we need a full audit and the disastrous news about Sifu. Only after that can we decide the future

Hey this proposal does not dissolve anything but does let those wanting to leave, leave.

I am saying we need to stop that proposal first. Why are we focusing on things when we don’t even know what will happen.

At the moment there is a chance because of wales that this project is gone.

have you voted on this ?

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Yes man. Voted no with 200 time.

Great, thanks for that !

It’s over, we got rugged

Yeah rigged votes, we need to complain to Dan. Massive spam on his twitter about the rigged voting

I can’t believe the frogs won despite whales and he still just picked the result he wanted. And then stated “the community is divided” honestly what garbage. Daniele would make a great politician. His broken english gives him lots of wiggle room for his lawyers to work with.

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Yeah not following through on a vote is a badddd look.

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Nice, but not applicable. People lost trust and cannot see behind the scenes.

Unless Daniele would like to make it a decent project with a defined road map. With a condition of being only ONE single project and not a portfolio!

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