PROPOSAL: Reject any RAGE QUIT option and build confidence in Wonderland

I propose that every current and future Rage Quit Proposal be rejected and should not be taken up by Wonderland for a vote forever more.

This is a do-over attempt by whales and market manipulators who tried but failed to wind up Wonderland.
Lets define the key groups that benefit:

  • Whales. They cannot block sell their TIME now without tanking the price. This isn’t a rage quit for them but a $$$ opportunity. Any Rage quit proposal gives them a OTC buyer willing to block buy at a premium and at an off market fixed price! That is an Insane win for them - selling to the dumbest buyer.
  • Recent market timers/manipulators. Buying TIME to buys VOTES to close their position, at a premium and at an off market fixed price. Easy win.
  • Long term holders who are scared or with regret. We ALL could have sold when price fell to backing and SOLD, but those that wanted to exit then, didn’t. Not selling then was a choice. The Price tanked further and they have regret - they want a do-over with the benefit of hindsight. We all want to make decisions with the benefit of hindsight but that’s not how the world works.
    We all made a decision not to sell. Be accountable for your actions please. You might actually hold and win, or not. The result is immaterial. If you make yourself accountable you win long term.

Lets run through the 2nd and 3rd order of effects that a Rage Quit proposal would have if it went to a vote - and the last one was too close, so I expect to lose this one.

  • Based on Vote to wind up Wonderland, we can expect initial 50% to exit with the premium, including all Whales. They get perfect buyer - someone willing to pay 2x premium and for their entire block at a fixed price. Such a dumb buyer.
  • Wonderland immediately loses 50% Treasury - requiring quality assets to be liquidated whilst in a market slump, realising losses.
  • Wonderland is now in another new SELF-MADE crisis of confidence! Yay!
    Its now worth 50% less and without a doubt a massive dump of new FUD is coming in by the minute. Treasury has tanked and with the new FUD those on the fence decide to close also and we have a CASCADE of folks wanting to exit. I would guess 80-90% total would go this route.
  • Wonderland is left with a gutted operation 100-200M in assets. Wonderland is now a lame duck, mortally wounded.

A Rage Quit Proposal

  • Would kill Wonderlands unique sales proposition - Size of treasury and revenue streams
  • Without the treasury and revenue streams we cannot attract or comp the quality talent Wonderland needs - the COO, CTO, CMO, CIO, Devs to first restore confidence and then 2x the treasury. See The Professors proposal for broad brush ideas on how to rebuild quickly.

Restore confidence, and Wonderland gets back to backing. With a new market cycle treasury 2x’s at least. Good investments of treasury and treasury 2x again. that gets reflected in market price. Then Wonderland builds over the next 3-5 years, which is my personal timeline for exit.

We cannot allow any Rage Quit proposals. If allowed they will mortally wound Wonderland. Those proposing Rage Quit ALREADY had exit route VOTED DOWN when we voted to not close Wonderland. They are looking to sneak a new vote in the back door to gain the same result.
Rage Quit Option is shilled for the benefit of Whales and Market Manipulators. I have no beef with them other than their proposal will kill Wonderland. If I was in the same position I would be advocating the same thing. We CAN be on the same side. Conversely BUY and HOLDERS are aligned with the goals of Wonderland. We want to Wonderland to BUILD and GROW, like any organisation.

There is already a Rage Quit option available for everyone. Its called selling. And it can be done today.

Removing any option for any special Rage Quit proposal now and in the future, allows other investors the clarity to evaluate Wonderland as a genuine long term growth opportunity (buy cheap now, at 50% of assets, later buyer will buy at a x premium).
Whales and market manipulators can ease out of Wonderland when price hits backing or they can turn into long term holders and exit at multiples.


Please ensure to put your opinion/feedback on the RFC if not done already.

I am also concerned about the impact rage quit will have on treasury, not the mention being pretty pissed that there are potentially actors who orchestrated the liquidations and doxxed Sifu who will do very well out of it.

However it’s also needed to move people out of the DAO and allow the project to move forward (or is it?).

Either way, why not simply place a cap on the amount of value from the treasury that will be provided to a rage quit solution. If the cap is reached, treasury assets will be distributed disproportionately to the amount of time/memo held, say by taking into account length of time held for example, or all rage quitters simply receive less than backing value. This won’t be known until people commit to exiting or not. If it works out at a loss, too bad. Should have stayed and made yourself useful.

Agree no rage quit shall be allowed.

This I can support, so this would get a YES vote from me.

The only way to build confidence in WL is to allow RAGE QUIT. This is also the only way to give a good face to the project and clear Dani’s image. Dani needs future and credibility as a leader. There are technical problems associated with the project they need to be solved to prove the competency of management and there are credibility issues associated with claims of being a “people” project. It is too easy to accuse the project in being a scam. No one needs it.

It is even better to go with the RAGE QUIT option without voting. A leader will take the credit for this, show the character, earn the trust. If anyone believes in Wonderland then you know that “money” will be made one way or another. Loss of credibility will kill not only Wonderland but all associated projects and future projects.

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