Proposal: Reject Merger & Reimburse wMEMO/TIME holders using Treasury Funds

Reject the proposed merger of Abracadabra & Wonderland. Instead, use all liquid treasury funds to reimburse current holders of wMEMO & TIME.

Snapshot of reimbursed wallets to be taken at ATL price of wMEMO, after overnight cascading liquidations.

Amount reimbursed to each wallet is proportionate, and not equal.

Reimbursement amount to be decided at a later date, and based on following factors:

  1. Duration of holding
  2. Size of investment
  3. Any cash-outs or profit-drawings since initial investment
  • Those in favour
  • Those opposed

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Edit: For clarity, voting “Those in favour” means you want to reject the merger, and have treasury reimburse Wonderland holders.

Voting “Those opposed” means you would like the merger, and treasury absorption into Abracadabra continue as planned.


I in large agree with this proposal, but the snapshot should not be taken at the ATL price of wMEMO.


The reimbursement should not be spell or ice or bsgg or any other associated currency. Stable coin reimbursements should be suggested.


i believe that would be the best step to take it forward from here, for the people who believed in it the most. Daniele wouldn’t have any stains on his reputation as this is a billion dollar treasury and it is deserved the most by the people who held through though times, and the whales will gets none as they have already sold at ATL. yeah the best legit and fair exit and the largest of its kind that any project has ever done! abracadabra has done only harm for the Wonderland community, and by gifting the whole treasury to Abracadabra that would be the worst path to take it after all this drama.


i mean, if you sold that’s on you, but the point is that are you long for the project and in it for the long-run, if you have sold then you have exited from the project!


pay out in stables 100%


This will never pass. It’s not a DAO at all. Us plebs might be able to vote on changing the color of the website, maybe. But voting on whether to get rid of TIME, no vote. Voting on whether to get rid of WMEMO, no vote. Voting to change to revenue share, no vote. Voting to give us SPELL for WMEMO no vote.

And this will certainly not get a vote. It’s completely centralized, in profits and in voting.


that’s also another possibility or airdrop all tokens propotional to the user holdings


repaid in mim or some sort of stables, other than that im all for this


They want to keep the control of the treasury for themselves… so this will never happen

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Yes I too would like the reimbursement to be completely tailored to my personal situation. Distributing the treasury is a legitimate proposal, all the details about when the snapshot should be taken and duration of holding is ridiculous and makes this unserious.

it makes a lot of sense, literally all the people that have exited has already left so the Treasury is deserved by the people who remained for it. at ATL, the whales have already sold, so let’s see how it goes by then but it would be incredible to see the concept of small fishes colluding to vote for the proposal to pass against whales that will want to rip the benefit despite they were the ones manipulating the whole project in the first place


Guys if you dont vote yes on this proposal you are giving the treasury to abra… right back into the hands that got us into this mess.


what does it matter if you get paid in spell and then you swap to stable if your not happy? your still going to get paid the backing price so this proposal is useless

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Yes. This is only logical step. It’s clear they have failed. Moving to spell not only locks in our losses and dilutes or revenue share, but spell will also dump immediately upon merger compounding our losses even more. We will never recover loses because spell will never pump 300,400,500% that is needed to do so.

It’s time to end this terrible memory and give us whatever you can.


Lol fuck this. None of you deserve a bail out.
None of this has failed. The treasury is still generating revenue in several investments made. Not wasting Treasury b/c you don’t have a lambo on your $200 investment.


You put yourself in this mess. the fact that people want somebody else to blame is absolutely peak clown. this proposal kills wonderland more than the irresponsable people leveraging on a 80 000% apy lmfao. who knew that the frogs would be the reason the nation died. ironic


the whole treasury will be gained by Abracadabra under the umbrella of “the merge”, where in reality you will get pennies in SPELL, the worth at the current prices and the whole treasury is not ours (Wonderland holders), it becomes OURS (Wodnerland holders + Abracadabra holders)

Exactly. You’re getting paid out at the backing price. If anything you should be buying more right now.

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well, let’s cast the vote for the fair approach and show what needs to be done in front of their eyes and then we can see what actually will happens.