PROPOSAL - Reset Wonderland in 5 steps to return the funds to investors with profit

It could be a naive approach to the issue but here are some ideas to avoid total collapse of the project.

  1. Freeze the treasury activity to preserve it’s value, no more backing wMemo price.

  2. Safeguard the treasury by disabling the “unstake” feature of Wonderland front-end. Michael Burry did something similar, restricting investor’s withdrawals until further notice in 2008. I know people could interact with the smart contract in other ways but 99% of people won’t.

  3. Meanwhile keep the rebase as promised to honor Wonderland’s proposal.

  4. Hire a non-anonymous investment team to invest the treasure funds with total transparency (put their faces at the front page of Wonderland website) and bring up the wMemo price up to the original level (+120K USD).

  5. When wMemo price reaches the original market value, re-enable the “unstake” feature. At this point investors could withdraw or continue along with the project as they wish.

Did I drink too much? Suggestions? Ideas?

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But can’t you can sell wrapped staked memo on sushi swap. Unstake won’t make a difference.

sounds good.
im all for it

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