Proposal: Reward long term holders: Tier system APR/APY and Airdrops while locked staking

Locked staking is an important change in my opinion and a must have for this project to stimulate long term holding and less selling pressure. Nobody is forced to lock their staking if they don’t want to.

My proposal is that we use an unlock period and make a difference in APR and APY like they do at Revault Network. If you choose APR you have an x-time of lock-up period before you can unstake it.
If you choose APY you must keep it locked. If you wish to unstake, your unlock period starts.

APR and APY amounts are just made up for now, also lockup-days are made up. It’s just to give you an idea of the possibilities. I tried to make sense with the amounts and lock up periods.

APR = Not compounding, with a simple lock-up period after you stake it.
APY = Compounding, but must be locked at all time. If you want to unstake you enter an unlock period.

Tier system

  • Bronze: 10k APR (0 days lock-up) or 22,5k APY (full lock with an unlock period of 10 days)
  • Silver: 12,5k APR (30 days lock-up) or 28k APY (full lock with an unlock period of 30 days)
  • Gold: 20,5k APR (60 days lock-up) or 46k APY (full lock with an unlock period of 60 days)
  • Platinum: 44k APR (120 days lock-up) or 99k APY (full lock with an unlock period of 120 days)

Some rules:

  • If you are staking with APY and you enter the unlock period, your APY turns into APR and the corresponding percentage for the remaining unlock period. I think this doesnt need an explanation.

  • If you unstake early, before the unlock period has ended you pay a 25% fee.
    What happens with that fee?.

  • Either that gets shared among the other holders as an extra reward for holding
  • OR it gets burned.
  • OR it is send to the treasury.
  • OR a combination of the options above.

Next to this there should be a % of the airdrops you receive depending on the tier you are in and if you are staking APR or APY.
At a certain, unknown moment a snapshot is made and only people that meet the requirements are eligible for the airdrop. To incentivise people for staking longer, their share of the airdrop will be larger when they do so.

Lets say that the Gold tier is eligible for 100% of their initial share if you stake with the APY.
Bronze: APR: no airdrop. APY: 20% of their inital share.
Silver: APR: 25%. APY: 50%
Gold: APR: 75%. APY 100%.
Platinum: APR: 125%. APY:150%

The longer you commit yourself to the project, the more APY you get, the better the airdrop rewards.
The exact math is something that an expert can look at. I’m not even close to an expert in this matter but I think the basic idea is pretty clear.

This is polishing the brass on the titanic.

The APY was always a gimmick. It only worked when there were new suckers to draw into the project and push up the price.

Eliminate buy backs and let leveraged people fail on their own. Put the treasury in experienced hands, not the hands of an experienced criminal. The price will inevitably rise.

I don’t know what the VC side of Wonderland will drum up now Dani looks like a fucking idiot. I hope that people in Defi rally around just to protect the reputation of the whole space. But I don’t know if he will be able to bring in much business. Who wants to work with someone who has put so many projects, even FTM, at risk over his bad judgement?

If you want to give differential pay outs to holders you are going to create confusion which will stop people investing, plus it sounds childish.

I partly agree on your opinion. The APY was not only a gimmick but also a necessity to bring in the enormous amount of money to start this in the first place. You can make more money when you have more money. Becoming the biggest DAO in a few months would not be achieved otherwise. Is it sustainable in the long term? Not when everyone is able to sell when they like and that’s why I think there should be an upside to people that are dedicating them self to the project more than others.

I totally agree that they should eliminate buybacks and leverage people should fail on their own.
But that’s a different discussion, the focus here is on something that I consider a cornerstone of the Wonderland project.

You thinks its childish to make tiers and call them bronze, silver, etc. But in the same sentence you say it causes confusion…? That’s kinda contradictory.

This way you serve many different investors with different mindsets and you can choose your own risk/reward. It doesn’t get easier than that.

I think your proposal deserves serious consideration, but somewhere down the road.

Right now there is an easy increase in the price of wMEMO to be made by putting a non-criminal in charge of the treasury and making a few simple moves, like the ones we agree on with stopping buy backs and letting leveraged people fail.

One thing which would put in a price floor is to make a section for redemption on the web site. If people are able to redeem in stables backing price less 10% then who would sell more than 10% below the backing price? Only those leveraged idiots, who are getting liquidated.


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