I just read on twitter that Daniele want to stop Wonderland!!

My Proposal is to start to reimburse for the first time in the History the bottom of the Pyramid and the top at the end!!! Small wallet first and Fake Frogs Whale Last.
the Small Wallet will be reimbursed at the same purchase price + the reward earned since their purchases!! and the Fake Frogs Whale will fight with the rest of the money.

Who is considered as Fake Frogs Whale!!

  1. Whales who took advantage of the situation and bought at the bottom when Sifu was Doxxed.

  2. Daniele said that he knew about Sifu since more than one month (from now) i’m sure there are people who knew about Sifu at the same time as Daniele,so we need to have a snapshot from more than a month to know who was buying a lot of $Time memo at that time.

  3. Here Begins the problem, when Zachxbt.eth twitted Sifu’s past, we can not see the date on the screenshot messages but what we can see is what Daniele said…

Daniele wrote "I though he (Sifu) was more careful :thinking: interesting!

Now never forget that more we talk and more the Fake Frogs Whale are making more money everyday thanks to the APY at 82,507.9%.
So the biggest whale who voted NO and have 12k $time make 3.78 WMemo today, so he just make $85977 today!!!and tomorrow more.

so Daniele if you want to be fair and show us that the Frogs wasn’t Sheep and if you want to be successful in the future don’t let your real followers ( Small Frogs ) Die.

I’m tired the see rich getting richer and poor getting poorer!!

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Wonderland is moving forward.