Proposal: The Evolution of Wonderland

Hey frens!

So look, I’m no Crypto guru also I appreciate it is going to be impossible to please everyone, however, I’m still a long term holder in the project and I’d really like to see it resurrect from the flames, so I have put together a potential proposal and will gladly accept any worthwhile help and assistance to see if we can make something of it or not.
I do have some Project planning and Managerial experience over a 20+ year IT career, and I hope that even that if this doesn’t succeed in going anywhere, it might give someone else an idea or build on an idea that does make it.

I’ll try my best to lay it out as a project plan, in the hope it doesn’t get too muddy in the process.

It is a fact that as the Wonderland project stands it is dead in the water. We have seen the tokenomics of Wonderland sink to levels it really shouldn’t have done. A distinct lack of planning, forward direction and miss management have done severe damage to the project.
My proposal is firstly to stop the rot so to speak, get the project into a place where we can move it forward and then go again.

The Current Stats:
From the Wonderland app, we still have a treasury balance of $718,037,929, a locked volume of $311,451,640 giving us an APY of 82,203.5%

It is clear that we have several groups of people ( I will try to include as many as I can):

  1. Investors who have very large portfolios of TIME/wMEMO
  2. Investors who have small to moderate portfolios
  3. Investors who are holding a hugely depreciated asset
  4. Investors who sold when the price plummeted
  5. Early investors who have bought, staked and held, which continue to do so
  6. Investors who took an over zealous leveraging position and were liquidated
  7. Investors who used reasonable leveraging, however due to the stopping of the buyback were liquidated due to the severe negative price action
  8. People who have no interest in the project and are likely to have never invested, nevertheless they want to voice their opinions, FUD or whatever negativity they want to shill
  9. Investors who either bought back in after the price drop or bought in after the drop as a new investor

With this is mind, it is clear that trying to reimburse any investor regardless of which of the above they fit in, is not going to work. At least not using the treasury anyway.
It also should be the case that any investor that exited their position should not be afforded the opportunity, if there ever was for any recompensing of either tokens and or monetary value.

Wonderland as a project needs to be taken back to basics. What I mean by this is as follows:

  1. Wonderland as a project is a known entity, the name Wonderland should remain as is, with no additional naming such as 2.0. Nor should the Wonderland name be changed, this does more harm than good.

  2. Minting new TIME should be brought back using the original % discount for minting new TIME as this provides a dividend for stakers.

  3. MEMO and wMEMO are dropped and the only token should be TIME. There can be sTIME for staked TIME and wTIME for wrapped TIME. This needs to be clearly defined for clarity and not to generate confusion.

  4. As a priority, the Whitepaper is updated before it is made public, with a vote to determine the understanding and roadmap for the project.

  5. In addition to the Whitepaper being updated, we also know that the APY cannot be sustained, we can though work out milestones when the APY should be lowered and what the absolute minimum floor of the APY should be. When we reach this floor, there should be a vote as to whether or not we continue with the APY or drop it all together.

  6. It is only fair that long term holders, those that have and continue to hold are given the opportunity to make back their losses. To achieve this I propose the following change:
    i) The opportunity to stake and receive the 3x daily rebase is only available to holders who still to this day and from a date TBA until the APY has reached a specific milestone before it is opened up to new stakers.
    ii) The minting of new TIME at a discount will be the basis of new investors being able to get something out of the project, whilst adding to the treasury funds and providing the liquidity for the rebases those who have staked will receive.
    iii) When the APY drops by a TBA percentage, long term holders will be given the opportunity to voluntarily lock their TIME for one year. The reward for doing this is they will automatically be given a higher rebase percentage over any new investor. Any holder who is offered the opportunity to to lock their TIME, has the ability at any time to exit the token lock, where if they choose they may swap, exit or remain with a new lower rebase reward inline with everyone else. It should be here that new investors are given the opportunity to get rebases.
    iiii) After the one year lock has come to an end - this can be a specific date as the holders are current, all investors are then receiving the same rebase rates, until a decision is made as to if this is continued or not.
    iiiii) Leveraging should be made available through Abracadabra, using MIM as the leveraging token is fine, but there are two fixed collateral % amounts available, one is for the long term holders at 12% and the other is 6% for new investors. This allows long term holders to finally access some of the profits they have made and if they have locked their tokens, they still get the higher rebase, if they loop their MIM back into TIME that reinvested amount will automatically add to the locked total. This initially will only be available to the long term holders as they are considered to be the most trustworthy to do this. Then when the 6% is available for new investors they can do the same as the long term holders, however they are fixed to the lower rebase rate if they loop. This allows some flexibility, but prevents over leveraging and greed leading to liquidation.

  7. Official documentation and guides are written and produced for the following:
    i) The process of getting tokens from Exchanges and buying the TIME token on the Avalanche blockchain
    ii) How to mint TIME
    iii) How to stake TIME
    iii) How to wrap TIME
    iiii) How to view wrapped and staked TIME
    iiiii) How to use leveraging
    iiiii) How to exit your position

  8. Daniele remains as the spokesperson of the Wonderland project, the project wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for him and regardless of peoples opinions of him, he has a reputation to fix, trust to be returned and let’s be frank here, there aren’t many people who can do what he does.
    However, there are stipulations here. He must have a PA who controls what if anything he wants to say or put out into the public domain. Any risk must be managed and mitigated. Outside of Wonderland, he is free to do as he pleases after all his personal life is nobody’s business except his own. Furthermore, he if wishes to do public speaking or radio interviews, he needs to be fully pre-informed so as not to damage the reputation of the project by saying something that could cause harm.

  9. We go to market for a team, as from the other positive proposals, Wonderland might as well be left to complete ruin if this is not done.
    To achieve this we need to perform the following:
    i) Social Media team made up of qualified moderators/admins - paid or volunteers that are supported by the Wonderland Team. Not necessarily needing to be vetted or doxxed but must be voted in to their positions. This is across all the major Social Media platforms, Youtube, Reddit, Discord, Twitter and Facebook and must the ‘Official’ page.
    ii) A new Treasury Manager - must be doxxed and vetted, all candidates must be able to speak in an AMA before being put to a vote as to whether or not to hire them.
    ii) A Marketing Team - same as above
    iii) The Dev Team - same as above
    iii) Project Team - same as above
    iiii) A new Investment Team - same as above
    iiiii) A Financial Controller

A stipulation here is that English must be the language of choice, I appreciate that we are a global community, but English is a global language, spoken across the world. That isn’t to say English as a second language should be discounted by any means, but communication is paramount here.

  1. All proposed treasury investment ideas and proposals must be voted on by the DAO before inception. They must be put forward in a clear, concise and understandable way, in a templated format highlighting the pros/cons, potential profit against investment and the ROI leading to profit.

  2. Much the same as in any real world business, we need transparency across the board. Quarterly P&L reports need to be submitted before the DAO and also a Crypto Market Analysis/Forecast for each upcoming Quarter. This is needed due to not everyone who invests will understand market conditions and will be worried when they see dips or negative price action in the market. We need to be able to reassure investors as to why this is happening, the same goes for positive uptrend.

  3. The Wonderland investors must be able to have their say in an open forum, obviously any investor/forum user/member will be dismissed/warned for spreading FUD or mis-information, however if someone has an opinion, they should be granted the opportunity to have their voice heard rather than being ignored or shot down. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

  4. It is no good trying to invest the treasury into any random investment in the hope it is successful. If we are to become a VC then we need a clear outlay as to what we are looking to invest in, be it Blue-Chip companies, Crypto projects etc. The key to this is taking an unbiased approach to it, if we are here to make money from an investment and we know the market we are aiming at, then that should be what we do. There might be times where an out of the box investment comes to the table, however I would consider this a one-off. However, if the time comes for a change of direction, there needs to be a statement made public that this is what we are considering after a vote. Then there needs to be a discussion and further vote to as to what change we are going to make. It is not a good thing to do to surprise investors with unplanned and sudden changes. Risk management will be key here.

  5. Lastly, we need a monthly official AMA that is public and for all to participate in, the purpose is to provide updates of any new and upcoming news, projects and a chance to speak with the community as a whole. Should be at-least Dani and another member from the Team and there should be a pre-agreed format to the AMA with timed questions at the end and properly moderated.

It is fairly obvious that I haven’t gone into too much financial detail surrounding Wonderland here, that is not my responsibility, it is that of the team that is brought in.
I also admit as I stated at the beginning, that not everyone will be happy about certain aspects, and I respect that. The point of my proposal is that if we are to continue Wonderland and not asset strip it, then we have to make sacrifices in order to advance the project.

Please by all means let me know if you want anything adding or if there is something that needs to be changed I am not an oracle, I’m just someone who wants the project to continue.

I don’t believe that bringing in a one-stop team is the solution to all our issues, and doesn’t have our interests at heart.

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