PROPOSAL - The multisig team, CFO, Bastion and the way moving forward

Dear Frognation and Team,

I have never written here before however I have decided to make a proposal and also share my thoughts as to why I believe we should start moving forward with the new management team and also filling up the multisig positions in order to make the treasury more secure.

There have been some very good proposals made from the professor who has made a lot of valid points.

In yesterdays AMA Daniele also shared a lot of insights however it seems like we are still stuck in no mans land and are in a stale just bouncing around from proposal to proposal.

The one thing that I don’t fully agree with Daniele for the multisig is when he mentioned it needs to be someone who is already known in the crypto world. In my opinion it should be people who have experience in the business world with the proper credentials and credibility. From all the proposals it is becoming more and more clear that the Wonderland project should be looked at more like a business with the proper business structure, responsibilities, processes, security and fail-safes that are put in place to protect the shareholders (all investors). After all everyone in the team is working for them.

Some responsibility needs to be relieved from Daniele since it will not be sustainable for him to carry all the responsibility and should focus on the bigger picture strategy. It is very centric at this point.

Re the CFO positions in my opinion it should be a person who will be doxxed even if only internally in case he would not want his real name all over the internet. Furthermore, the CFO should only be focusing on this project (no conflict of interests). The CFO will then be controlled by the team and the multisigs as well.

Having Bastion trading managing the treasury as a group creates a concern in the way that as reputable as they are the main core of the business is trading and they are traders. Having such insider information will create a conflict of front running transactions and insider trading concerns. I have nothing against the Bastion Trading group as they seem very reputable but it’s an aspect that should not be overlooked. If the community decides this is not an issue than lets put it to a vote and move forward with them getting to work.

I will propose myself to join the multisig team and assist with operations.
I don’t mind being fully doxxed and revealing my identity to the team. I have a degree in Economics and an M.Sc. in Finance from one of the best Business Schools in Europe and have been in the financial and business world ever since. Currently we provide corporate services assisting companies to enter new markets and scale up as well as process optimization since the Covid crises, active in multiple sectors. All of this can be very easily checked and doxxed.

I genuinely believe that the project is sound and what has happened although unfortunate, presents an opportunity for the proper structure to be implemented in order to start moving forward in the right way.

Will be happy to provide further information if needed and also answer any questions from the team.

The main asset is not only the treasury but this community.

Stay Healthy.


The CFO must be doxed! In most countries the company balance sheets are published online with personal details and in many countries this is stipulated for websites. Why don’t we start correctly and ask for the DAO details and office address to be published on this website as from tomorrow, if we want to build trust?


I find your proposal to move forward very positive.
I also believe that your studies and experience in economics & finance would be extremely beneficial to our community.

You mentioned ‘The Team’ but I see that you have separated the frog nation (holders/investors) from the team.
IMHO and with all due respect, we are all in this together and if the team has the right to ask questions so do the rest of us. If you personally decide to dox yourself to the team, that doesn’t help the rest of us. I personally do not know anyone from the team and because of the recent disappointment I do not want to go through this drama again.
Should you decide to join the team and assist with operations please consider revealing your identity to a wider audience than just the team.
I can understand privacy and other concerns, so my proposal would be as follows:

Perhaps we can form a separate group of let’s say for example 5 holders who are not part of the team that will know your identity and will sign a confidentiality agreement to this extent not to reveal.
This way we can build trust between us.

I’ll be more than happy to be one of those 5 individuals should you all decide this is the way to go.

Is this something that we can all agree on so we can all feel confident and somewhat protected going forward?

Also “The Professor” should be amongst us. He seems like a tremendous asset.


Thank you for taking the time to read my proposal and also for your suggestions I like the fact that there is in fact a mature discussion about this.

What you propose is absolutely acceptable regarding having a team of 5 people (holders/investors in the project) that will in a way act as representatives of the community (outside the core wonderland team) when doxxing the new team members. I think that’s a very good solution also having signed a confidentiality agreement the new team members can also feel at ease in case they don’t want their identity to be completely in the open.

Furthermore regarding the professor joining as of this point I am not aware if a contact has been established with him and if he would like to join the project or not. If he would not like to join the project bringing him as a consultant to the team would be a real benefit I believe.

I look forward to the rest of the community sharing their thoughts on the matter. I realize discussing multisigs are not as exciting as rage quit options but making sure the treasury is as secure as possible means filling up the multisig positions and it is something that will not be as difficult to implement.

Regards and stay healthy

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Thank for your immediate reply.
I feel as if this proposal is not getting proper traction, judging from the views & replies.
Perhaps it would be a good idea for you to post on the discord server (proposal-discussion section).

Have a fantastic day ahead!


I have put together a TODO list of things that I believe need to be taken care of so we can move forward.

Issues that need to be addressed ASAP:

Daniele (Is he willing to devote his time, energy and business acumen to coordinate this process, or does he wish to assign this role to someone else at this point? Who will be that person?)
How can we get ahold of him and have a mature discussion. If he doesn’t have the time can he temporarily appoint someone else that we can talk to?

Voting (Quadratic, One vote per wallet address, Leave as is etc. Let’s first make a proposal on this and then vote.)

Rage Quitting (Let’s address this issue conclusively, vote on it and move forward.)


  1. Treasury
  2. Revenue generation
  3. Investments
  4. Passive income
  5. Leverage
  6. Rebases, Compounding
  7. APY
  8. Staking
  9. Minting, Bonding
  10. Buybacks
  11. Burning
  12. Backing
  13. Liquidity

Let’s first prioritize according to importance, urgency, length, and reward of each issue, vote on it and move forward).

Doxxing (Use a third party service or establish a small team of self appointed holders following a vote)

Governance Structure

Team (CEO, CFO, CMO, CIO, Developers, Management, Consultants, Structure, Costs)
Proposed: Daniele
Alternative: “The Professor”
(Job Description: Manages and directs the organization toward its primary goals and objectives. Oversees team decisions at the executive level. Leads the team to consider major decisions including acquisitions, mergers, joint ventures, or large-scale expansion.)

Proposed: @ShadowFrog
Alternative: -
(Job Description: Responsible for managing the financial actions of the organization. In charge of tracking cash flow, analyzing strengths/weaknesses in the organization’s finances and overseeing all aspects of its financial success.)

Proposed: -
Alternative: -
(Job Description: Responsible for overseeing the planning, development and execution of our organization’s marketing and advertising initiatives.)

Business, Financial, Development: Harry Yeh, @Tetranode, Daniele

Software Consultants
Proposed: Andre Cronje
Alternative: -

Software Development Team: -
Lead Software Developer: -

Internal & External
(Website, Social Media, Marketing, Advertising, Influencers, AMA’s, Press Releases, Discord, Twitter, Forum, Moderation)

  • DeFi Magick (YouTube)
  • DeFi Daily (YouTube)
  • Aaron Mullenix (YouTube)

Alternative: -

Liaison officer:
Proposed: DeFi Magick (YouTube)
Alternative: -
(Job Description: Communication / cooperation to relay information in a timely manner and facilitate a close working relationship between investors/holders/community and the organization.)

Website Development:
Social Media Marketing & Promotion, Moderation:
Moderators for Discord & Forum:

Who is currently covering these positions? How can they be contacted?

Multisig (Who will sign, are they doxxed?)


BSGG Where do we stand?


Future concerns:

Security (Smart contract security and auditing)
Multichain (Bridging, Wrapping, Porting)
Whale Manipulation
Education Proposed: @thedefiedge
Roadmap, Milestones, Optimization
Protocols & Investor Profiles

Please let me know what else needs to be addressed so I may add it to the list.

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Thank you for putting together everything in a concise format.

Yes, this is something that I believe should be elevated however as you mentioned it is not getting the traction among the community.
I think in the list you have addressed pretty much everything that needs to be cleared in term of issues.

Will post also on the discord channel. I would like to get the opinion of the community and also if possible to get someone from Wonderland involved in order to see if there is a way to move forward with the suggestions.

Regards and stay healthy.

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This has existed since the beginning of investing. I don’t care if they do it as long as they’re making us money. I’m also not too worried about insider trading.

Their fees will be based on AUM growth, so they’ll be incentivized to grow our treasury to make money. If they don’t, they’ll be fired and take a reputational hit which is the beauty of having a doxxed person in charge.

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Thank you for the feedback. As I mentioned my background is in the financial world and this is why I shared the concern regarding front running transactions etc. as in the finance world this is something that is highly regulated.
However as you said if we take the more pragmatic approach and the community votes in their favor and is not something that is bothering them, then it wont be an issue because their high-water mark performance fee ( I assume this is how it will be structured) will be build upon the results they are showing.

I would like to elevate the discussion up the chain in order to see if there is support from the community and team in order to move ahead with some of the suggestions and also to get the feedback of the other frogs.

Thank you and stay healthy.

Its interesting how there is a very specific suggestion relating an issue that is very important as the multisig as it was discussed multiple times in the AMA`s however there is not enough involvement from the community (according to the mods responsible when I tried to transfer it to RFC) in order to move it forward.
Everyone is interested in the rage quitting option when we need to make the treasure as safe as possible.

A specific framework was proposed above however there is literally no way to move this forward even when qualified individuals offer their assistance there is no framework that this can be moved along.
Currently we are just stuck with a million proposals going back and forth.
Including the proposal from the Professor where there are still many discussion but no steps being taken.

Hopefully frog nation can find the way and the potential that the project has can be fully developed as what has happened though unfortunate can be seen as an opportunity to make the structure more efficient and professional in every way.

Stay healthy :slight_smile:

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