Proposal -The Rabbit Hole

Wonderland v2 launch. as requested: TLDR is at the bottom for the working man

-------------------------------------------------------------FOLLOW THE WHITE RABBIT-----------------------------------------------------------

DON’T JUST VOTE - SHARE, this is our solution to create of the WONDERLAND we wanted. This plan will work, it makes sense, it has to make it to the top. COPY THE LINK AND SHARE.

  • Frogs shall have a fixed wMEMO supply.

  • Those who sell their tokens will have a portion their tokens distributed to stakers (motivate hodling and giving more ownership of the treasury). Red days are green days.

  • No more backing (and subsequent removal of backing price material on Dash). Backing only rolls out a red carpet for SELLERS. Frogs DO NOT partake in that backing, as frogs DO NOT SELL. Thus, backing is not made for frogs. Frogs BUY wMEMO, and giving them free wMEMO and cheap wMEMO is the way.

  • If our market cap is $750m and I have $250m of that (33%) - and our treasury is $1b. Then I have a stake in $330m (33%) in the treasury, I get an immediate bump. If I am buying below backing (when the market cap <treasury), I have a larger treasury stake than my investment, its that simple. Its a move for SMART MONEY and the price fall shakes DUMB MONEY. Show people how much treasury value they hold instead of the backing (its the same) and as they sell, they see that they are selling way under their treasury representation for now. "Your current assets ($250m of wMEMO) represent $330m of treasury rewards. If the price is still below backing, I will have to see what my value is in the protocol vs what it means on the open market (this gives and organic backing price, held up by frogs and as people sell, frogs are rewarded a larger share of treasury via their tokens, this is game theory.)

  • On top of sold wMEMO rewards (weak hand commissions). Frogs can receive reward share of token in which the treasury has generated (UST, MIM, SPELL, BSGG, ROCK,) with some fluffing the treasury balance as well. Treasury can also be used to bootstrap. Think LONG TERM. Let the short term tadpoles grow into frogs later on down the road and come back at a higher price.

  • On Confusion: add a dynamic White Rabbit to the app, that users can follow to stake $Time (to inevitably do away with), Wrap MEMO, and eventually, stake wMEMO( $wMEMO) for rewards. With the white rabbit disappearing and reappearing at each step with the final stop being (“claim rewards”) to live there happily every after.


"In Wonderland, Alice ($Time Wonderland) struggles with the importance and instability of identity (DAO, OHM fork, VC?). She is constantly ordered to identify herself by the creatures she meets, but she herself has doubts about her identity as well.

After falling through the Rabbit hole, Alice tests her knowledge to determine whether she has become another girl. Later on, the White Rabbit mistakes her for his maid Mary Ann. When the Caterpillar asks her who she is, she is unable to answer, as she feels that she has changed several times since that morning.

Among other things, this doubt about her identity is nourished by her physical appearance. Alice grows and shrinks several times, which she finds “very confusing”. The Pigeon mistakes her for a serpent, not only because she admits eating eggs, but also because of her long neck. The Cheshire Cat questions another aspect of Alice’s identity. He is not questioning her name or species, he is questioning her sanity. As she has entered Wonderland, she must be mad, he states.

However, it is not only Alice’s identity that is unstable. Some creatures in Wonderland have unstable identities as well. For example, the Duchess’ baby turns into a pig and the members of the jury have to write down their names, or they will forget them."

Give Wonderland its identity in Defi. We had an unstable entity in Wonderland in the form of Sifu, he can be a frog, he cannot be a leader, and the DAO has spoken, he did nothing to harm us, thus has forgiveness in advance. There are people out there who can help, he’s just not the one. With this marks Wonderland v2, a Wonderland that brings value to the frogs.

------------------------------------------- TLDR----------------------------------------------------------
1. Fixed wMEMO Supply
2. As people sell wMEMO, that sold wMEMO goes to stakeholders (Red days are green days)
3. No more backing price - the more they sell, the more you earn (your entitlement to the treasury grows).
4. You will be paid in other project tokens that the treasury is invested in (MIM, SPELL, ROCK, UST, some of the sold wMEMO from the weak hands
5. No more confusion, the interface features a White Rabbit, that leads to everywhere you need to go.

  • Build Wonderland v2 for the Frogs and Not the Tadpoles/Fudsters (Dev do this)
  • Keep rolling out the red carpet for the tadpoles to exit with our treasury (nothing)
  • Nah, do something else man. (Just not this)

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We can do it with my proposal…Check it out here: A relaunch project that pays daily yields in BTC! Let me show you how - Please read!

Excellent proposal, Simple and straight forward.


This seems like a pretty good perspective. I also believe the rebases should stay. This is the #1 reason most of us joined in the first place.

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just to clarify I agree with the most of the proposal but I will do the following

As people sell wMEMO, that sold wMEMO goes to stakeholders (Red days are green days)

  • Papper hand fee this is good to avoid bot. This need the token to change completely to have this put in place.

4. You will be paid in other project tokens that the treasury is invested in (MIM, SPELL, ROCK, UST, some of the sold wMEMO from the weak hands

  • This I don’t really like it will remove the power of compounding the full treasuries.
    But i am ok for aidrop against commitement

Idea: LP pool (wonderland) : Reward with airdrop
Stacked wMemo in locked pool give airdrop.

Don’t forget to let wMemo have the biggest value the underlining asset need to growth the best way to growth in the first time is not to give back.


Do you think the daily rewards would be enough to keep people holding on to wMEMO? Do you have any estimates on how much the current daily rewards are?

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The longer you are in. The larger your stake is due to paper taxes (people with paper hands selling). Over time you earning more wrap memo, means you will earn more rewards gradually. These rewards are like daily rebases, except they hold actual value. On really red days (where everyone sells, your wMEMO apr is higher than normal. Which Keeps you in. )


you can buy wmemo with those other tokens to compound. i think rewards from stake wont get taxed

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