Proposal to fix Time/Memo/Wmemo

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I don’t know if this is possible and I don’t know if someone has already brought this up

My Proposal is to De-List Time/Memo from all exchanges and only list wmemo to all exchanges

What I think this would do in theory and if not possible let me know is, it would let people still have staked memo in there wallets if they only want that but then the only way they could sell that memo is by wrapping the portion they would want to sell on the wonderland site and by them selling the wmemo it would be a lot better as it’s non inflationary

I think this would solve both issues at hand as memo/time wouldn’t come to the market anymore as it would always be wrapped and the frogs could just sell portions if they want while still earning rebases in just memo if they would like

Just my thoughts if this doesn’t work I’d love to know why/your thoughts community :frog::fist:


good idea don’t see why it would’t work have my vote

How could You use rebases by not having Memo ( Time) - wMemo is increasing number of Memos in wMemo each rebase. By this You would basically end rebases. I am not against ending rebases neither for it ( not competent enough to judge).


As it is right now when the MEMO when it is wrapped it is not shown as it is staked and that confuses a bit. wMEMO is whown and the worth of it in MEMO’s is shown next to it. It could show also the MEMO’s as it is staked but it would impossible to unstake it and the number of that can increase within the each rebase. This would clearly show that wMEMO is same MEMO and it is Staked and it is still increasing. Is this achievable?

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APR is a gimmick to suck in new investors. As long as the price is rising the illusion that rebases increase TIME holder’s value is maintained.

I bought because I am gambling that the team can make more for me from the treasury, as a VC fund, than I can make for myself.

Any move which shines a light on the rebasing illusion could spook the horses and cause them to flee the project.

I voted YES, but with the proviso that both TIME and MEMO holdings of the investor are displayed prominently on the staking page to keep up the rebasing illusion.

APY* wouldn’t want to confuse people even more.

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