Proposal to manage/advise treasury on how to design out market risk - to so achieve the same kind of outsized ROI on our investments as was originally offered by WT in the first place

Here’s how to “design out” market risk to offer all Wonderland Time frogs the originally planned extreme returns, but instead via a riskless principle-based “non market correlated” and “principal protected” investment strategy. Yielding the SAME kind of unheard of annual returns on our treasury funds as was offered by Wonderland Time in the first place.

If the object of Wonderland Time is to maximize all our returns on investment whilst intelligently mitigating all participating investors exposure to market volatility losses.

Then the only REAL way is to design out market risk. By NOT just being content to merely recreate a block chain version of the “existing paradigm”, of “market-driven” investments because THIS the only kind of investment most investors are familiar with.

But INSTEAD do what Daniele in a prior pod cast stated he was specifically interested to do. Which is to NOT try to reinvent the wheel. But to instead merely recreate a block chain version of what already exists in the financial markets. Which is something I agree but only up to a point. So accordingly, I must ask the following critical question to better present how we can actually in the REAL WORLD ALREADY design out market risk.

As in the real-world of wholesale banking. There already exists (all be it conducted “off-market”). A highly specialised alternative investment strategy to grow wealth and/or to fund mega projects on a debt-free basis. So why is Wonderland Time still limiting itself to just reproducing on the block chain the same “market-driven” investments. When a far superior option of a non market correlated fixed rate of return exists in “managed buy-sell contracts”?

Where the min of 100m+ is fully protected from loss. And the non market correlated extreme ROI on that min of 100m is contractually guaranteed by a bank regulated trading platform. That wonderland would be sighing the managed buy-sell contract with for a 40 week contract term. With the contractually guaranteed ROI disbursed weekly/monthly. So given this already exists in the real wholesale banking world. Why not seize this opportunity to tap this closed market to benefit the Frog Nation. Who individually do not have the required 100m+.

But collectively via the treasury we could thereby qualify to participate, and so implement this existing real-world non market correlated ultra high yielding investments strategy?

Instead of merely reproducing on the block chain the equivalent of the same existing paradigm of a “market correlated investment”. Simply because it’s all that most of us are familiar with because we have all been conditioned to accept this “existing paradigm”. Complete with its rollercoaster market volatility swings that always hurts someone on the wrong side of that market swing. There has always been another way but it requires 100m+.

So why not INSTEAD enter THIS kind of highly specialised wholesale banking contract. And ditch market-drive ponzi-style investing with all of its attendant market manipulation problems and more. Why not give Wonderland Time a genuine USP, so creating a win-win for all participants not just a killing for the bots and whales.

As the non market correlated ROI in these managed buy-sell contracts. Are contractually guaranteed to return from 100% per month. Up to 100% per week on a $500m+ on the principal investment amount. All with full principal protection.

Such managed buy-sell contracts within their proper legal context have existed since Cr 1947 and were used to rebuild Germany after the second war. And today are used (off-market) by financially sophisticated institutional investors to fund mega projects debt free to grow their wealth.

Plus for the very first time in this highly specialised private financial market. A small number of trading platforms have only now started to accept Bitcoin for placement into such transactions.

So Wonderland Time is well placed to now participate using say BTC and would still retain full ownership of its BTC assets so retaining any of Bitcoin’s price rise gains. On top of the ultra high ROI from the managed buy-sell contract. Crucially, the platform trader uses the applicant’s (Wounderland’s) BTC merely to trigger. THEIR own billions of dollars in credit lines. That they then use to trade MTNs to thereby generate our/(Wounderland’s) ROI.

The implications of this is effectively that by deploying Wonderland’s treasury of $100m to $700m in say BTC . This would be the most financially efficient way to intelligently protect and significantly grow all participants investment returns. Without actually needing to continually recruit ANY FRESH new investors ponzi-scheme-style.

As INSTEAD, by investing the $100 - 700m. ALL participant’s could via a SPV obtain fractional ownership in WT’s signed managed buy-sell contract. So as Wonderland’s SPV returns are contractually guaranteed, so are ours. At a fixed rate of return. But more importantly the BTC is still owned by WT. Wonderland could then simply opt to re-enter larger and larger managed buy-sell contracts with or without accepting any new investors.

So to truly disrupt the existing market-driven investment system. To thereby democratize these non market correlated and bank-protected guaranteed returns. Resulting in predetermined extreme/outsized return to each individual participant. On a “sustainable” contractually guaranteed weekly/monthly basis. All achievable by this community deciding to opt to finally ditch market-driven investing by just asking me to help Daniele place my and your treasury capital. Into a wholesale banking scenario such as this via a SPV SmartCompany issuing shares that represent fractional ownership in the treasury’s ROI.

The ROI described here are not just possible but are the norm within this private financial market. Since all trades are only ever executed on a “riskless principal” basis. Meaning no buy-sell occurs unless there is a pre- contracted exit buyer in place e.g. Pension Fund. Who has agreed to pay a fixed higher price for the MTN BEFORE the transaction begins. So locking in a predetermined guaranteed profit per trade. By repeating these profitable trades back-to-back (say 4 times per week) X 40 weeks per year.

The spread per trade is thereby greatly multiplied. Giving rise to the predictable and so contracted rate of return that is fixed at a min to be achieved. So in this way Wonderland Time cannot be blown off course by market swings. As these investments are NON MARKET CORRELATED. As it is exclusively the trading contract. NOT any given market volatility that is contractually guaranteeing our ROI. So in this way Wonderland Time is able to truly become THE WHALE by in this way smartly deploying its existing treasury capital.

So if principal protection and an ultra high contracted rate of return to the many not just the few appeals to you. Then this has always been the only game in town and why banks keep this for themselves not for frogs. So I ask the community to consider this proposal. As I stand RWA to help Danielle to implemented this before others in the DeFi space do.

For 17 years I was as a market analyst and newsletter publisher in the wholesale banking and secured asset management space. I was also a contracted financial intermediary with a US law firm offering attorney-administered access to these such capital secured non-market correlated fixed rate of return contracts via a top-5 US bank’s own EU based traders. I’m currently an asset manager managing our own assets for our own benefit.

BUT we can at our sole discretion offer intellectually curious, committed, engaged and cooperative parties “access” to such managed buy-sell contract, via our trading relationships. I am also a guest writer at the Family Office Magazine (FOM).

I have 23 yrs experience in this highly specialised area with access to lawyers, bankers, and trading platforms through which such contracts are available. But only for qualified and cooperative applicants. As these transactions are by “invitation-only”. Achieved by the SPV first passing bank compliance to verify that the applicant is financially qualified to participate. So the (SmartCompany/investment vehicle’s CEO owning the BTC) would first have to pass mandatory KYC/AML bank compliance involving a proof of funds/BTC Coin.

If Danielle is unfamiliar with managed buy-sell contracts and the proper legal context within which they operate. I have a 6-page feature article published in the FOM back in 2019 on the reality how off market managed buy-sell contracts are executed via these highly specialised platform traders. Working at legal arms length from the world’s top-50 banks. As contrary to popular belief THIS is how the world’s global top-50 banks “really make their money”, not via cheap loans. Wonderland’s treasury could opt to gain exposure to these extreme returns.

I have my bio available to give to Danielle if there is a genuine interest from the community. It actually already includes a police background check. I can advise and introduce WT treasury’s investment vehicle (e.g. SmartCompany) to the contract issuer of these managed buy-sell contracts. Always subject to the WT’s SPV passing regulatory compliance vetting.

There is much more to explain. But there is little point. Unless there is genuine interest expressed from the community. So I leave it with you to let me know your thoughts.

Thank you.

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Not sure why no one has responded to this. It seems like a solid proposal.

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