Proposal to refund the liquidated frogs and share rewards to other frogs

Since we are one nation and we want to be protected from dumps or attacks from other teams, I suggest to help our frog brothers who got liquidated and for the rest of us who are not borrowing to take a portion 1-2% as a reward for our stand and support


Lots of people are down like 80% buddy.


Exactly so we will earn all…

80% My dumbass is down 93%. I don’t understand why we would want to repay people who were irresponsible with their money. They took out leveraged positions in a highly volatile market, where the price is trending down at a rapid rate… Let them learn from their mistakes.

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Lol. Those leveraging degens are one of the main reasons we crashed and don’t deserve a bailout.

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I plead for repayment because people invest in the long term with the same constants rules while the team changed them and the pattern after a few days that deceived investors. And so the original contract was distorted.

Its not about irresponsible leverage, if the leader says there are limit orders below the backing price and no need to worry about leverage you believe the leader. But the crash happened upto 50% below the backing price and the treasury was unable to buy in that time frame. So people got liquidated or deleveraged with a loss. So it makes sense to give some kind of confidence to stick with the project together as a family.

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