Proposal to repay leveragers who deleveraged before liquidation but still incurred a loss

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So I saw on Twitter that Daniele and Sifu are planning to repay the people who got liquidated yesterday, but what about the people who deleveraged yesterday and incurred a loss due to that? I leveraged at around 25%, and the market came crashing down so I chose to deleverage and ended up with much less wMEMO than I initially deposited. Doesn’t it make sense to also repay these people as well as those who were liquidated? I mean at least we deleveraged in time. It makes no sense that those who were liquidated are covered fully and those who deleveraged in time must suffer a loss.

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Yes i totally agree , all the people who deleveraged as the crash was happening to avoid liquidation has also need to be taken care, sifu should open a group or forum to collect our address . We have to deleverage at 50% discount forcible and reduce our net wMemo position to avoid the sudden crash and liquidation fee. Please consider this group also for people who deleveraged during the crash and saved further price drop rather than a complete liquidation. All this happened way below the promised backing price. By taking care of this group along with the liquidated group it will give tremendous confidence to stick with the project. Hope Sifu will consider this.

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I literally leveraged 6 days ago when the market was already at all time lows near the buyback price and STILL only borrowed 25% for safety. If people who were liquidated are getting buybacks then we should too.

Totally support this proposal - I lost 2/3 of my wMEMO to avoid liquidation. People who paid back their debts should be included.


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