Proposal to restructure wmemo price

The token structure under current set up scares new potential investors away due to intrinsic high value of 50k (higher than btc). Is human nature to prefer small number when taking a chance into investment opportunities you might know little about. The false believe of higher return without taking into consideration market cap is a common characteristic of new retail investors. Large percentage of investors in crypto don’t undertand the concept of market cap and token supply.

The proposal is to use multiple of 100 to reduce value of wmemo by two decimal positions. The result would yield your current wmemo quantity x 100. This alone could bring more volume once CEX listing takes place. 500 dollar wmemo is much easier to market than 50k and more appealing to the untrained eye.

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By reducing the wMEMO price by 4.5 would give us a better price. The formula to calculate wMEMO is:

Current TIME or MEMO price * Current index * 4.5

The reason we have to multiply by 4.5 is because when they forked OHM it was on an index of 4.5 and they forgot to reset that value.

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I understand the above premise due too the wmemo value being higher than bitcoin.

The issue is your investors that bought time memories between 10k an 3k… you will be forcing their value to zero. Most if these people are down somewhere in the 70% range and now you want to put them down 7000%.

Close wmemo… go back to just wonderland and the intrinsic value will rise. Plus then there is only 1 calculation and 1 value.

Just my 2 cents.

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There is no change in value, only nominal quantity. Purchase price is irrelevant. For example:

You bought 20k worth of wmemo when time was 10k. This gave you two time for a total of a fix quantiy of wmemo of 0.1

If you implemente my proposal, your 0.1 of wmemo will be multiply by 100 giving you a total of 10 wmemo at a price of 500 dollars each. (Assuming backing price of 50k at the moment of convertion)

There is no loss but a more appealing number for potential buyers in a CEX.

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