Proposal to stop Abra loans on wMEMO

As we have seen over the past few days huge developments in the ecosystem however wonderland $TIME has continued to cascade due to liquidations of both founders and many retail investors.

In order to put a stop to the cascade we should first completely stop loans on abracadra. Loans can still be taken out on other coins but not on wMEMO or TIME.

Secondy a proposal to completely stop dilution for the time being until such time WMEMO or TIME has a rebound. This includes the elimination of rebases on MEMO however keeping the Index multiple on wMEMO increasing.

As much as we believe and love Sifu and Daniele we must do something to combat the sell pressure and liqaudtions cascade. Here are the options.

  1. Stop borrowing until such a time prices have recovered.

  2. Option 1 and stop dilution.

  3. Stop dilution.

Let’s do something here now.


Concerning the borrowing I think it his very good to have the option.

  1. Maybe it will be good to educate more people about the high risk.
    And we need guaranteed price backing so we can borrow without too much pression.

  2. The dilution is compensate by the price so normally this is not a problems.

The main point for me is to avoid the price of wMemo to be manipulate.

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