PROPOSAL- Upgrades and Changes to "The Professor´s" proposal. WONDERLAND MINI GAME

I would like to complete the proposal of “The Professor”

and propose some changes and fine tunes on it with an introduction of a mini game with P2E elements:

1. APY vs. NFT vs. Revenue Sharing => Reward long term holders

Combine NFT´s and P2E elements with APY boost mechanics

  • Who gets the Wonderland APY boost NFTs? How will the Wonderland mini game work?

    • To be able to, manually mint the first NFT, you have to hold at least one MEMO or the price equivalent in wMEMO for a full period of three months (90d). But there´s more…

    • For balancing issues, I suggest to unlock direct buys from the treasury in the form of bonds and reduce the ability for every individual, to be eligible to acquire NFT´s for holding, only if you bought directly from treasury.
      Means: You want a booster NFT? Buy MEMO or wMEMO directly from treasury and hodl!

    • The first NFT provides you with a boost of 1k APY.

Also, to ensure a fair DAO governance we need to reimagine MEMO and wMEMO as following:

To participate in voting (governance), only the, directly from treasury, acquired wMEMO must be considered.

Wanna vote? Exchange your MEMO with wMEMO by using the treasury to keep your hodl streak intact. For this, we need a special front end.

  • Enable inverse bonding: Exchange your DEX/ CEX acquired MEMO/ wMEMO with treasury MEMO/ wMEMO.

If you sell your MEMO/ wMEMO, your hodl streak gets reset!

This mini game will benefit all of us:

  • Growing treasury

  • Incentive to hold tokens rather than sell => price stability

Protect the ecosystem from harmful operations by whales and other non- frog community members by providing a cooldown timer in governance token acquisition

Committed hodlers benefit from high revenue and a high APY

Just a fun, new and kinda addicting way to earn.

(We can get rid of TIME)

How much APY boost NFT´s are there?

  • Nine.

  • Every full month of hodling you can mint the next ranked booster NFT.

  • Every NFT in the hierarchy´s providing you with an additional APY of +10k.

This will encourage people to hold, and should give committed frogs more power over whales and suits.

  • How much of those can be active per wallet?

    • Only one NFT provides boost by hierarchy.
  • Can they be traded and then be used by other wallets?

    • No. As they´re bound to the source wallet of acquisition, there´s no boost for third party wallets.

    • They can only be minted by continuous holding of treasury native MEMO/ wMEMO and boost only the wallet that minted them. This will bring ultimate balance to the Wonderland “P2E” system.

  • What´s with the remaining lower rank NFT´s?

    • You can regard them as collectibles and show off your boosting progress to other frogs.

2. Enable the use of revenue sharing for token holders and reduce the threshold for claiming it to 20 days, in comparison to what “the Professor” proposed (30d)


  • Implement an Olympus PRO like service to fill treasury with more funds and help sustain APY. There´s no shame in copying what´s working.

  • Replace sOHM v1 with gOHM.


  • Cling together, swing together! As the Professor wrote: “You live by the sword, you die by the sword”. That also refers to everyone who expects to get refunded for being liquidated after leveraging.

  • Leveraging´s unhealthy for the DAO in it´s current state, means all these actions need to be terminated until the treasury grows back to at least its ATH state (“Abolish all leverage”).

  • Subject to be decided by future treasury manager.

Thank you BIG TIME to “The Professor” for his massive, huge work in compiling all his visions to help all the frogs make WONDERLAND great again!!!

I really appreciated it as a community member

Also credit goes to suraimu#4579 and Pete01#1598 for inspiration


IMHO this is too complicated. If you want to regain trust with the investors you need to KIS (keep it simple)!

One whole wMEMO is WAY out of reach for many of the smaller frogs. Yet the whole “mini game/NFT” mechanic probably appeals most to a younger crowd with less tokens invested. I think you need to make the whole thing more accessible.

I agree with the APY yes
Baby steps keep it simple

  1. Burning mechanisms
    Supply down keep the APY
    2.Lock the stakes
    3 Regain trust
    Audit+Professional team
    Regain more trust rest will see.
    Good proposal :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
    Let’s discuss more about it

Yes let’s say 1 Time I mean 1wemo you just making the game to the whales
I don’t agree with this

Getting rid of Time no as you kill Wonderland this wasn’t made for NFT besides Time has very good listings.

looks like you guys didn´t read careful enough :frowning:

ok. I will try to do a TLDR

You need to rethink main aspects.
1 Can’t get rid of Time as is got important listings and Hotbit isn’t small thing in Crypto
You guys are idiots :rofl:
2.I agree only with the APY idea.
You don’t mention about burning mechanisms and keep the APY sustainable.
1Wmemo is crazy, what did you smoke maybe you can leave the number of your dealer is good that shite isn’t?
No if someone would vote this would be No.
Is good idea but is a bit in a hurry.I think you need to reconsider few aspects

Maybe you guys have 1wmemo I kinda was sarcastic with my 1st reply yes I’m for keeping the APY and rebases finding solutions to tackle dilution by having burning mechanisms.
No buy backs no rage quit as who gambling why they’re entitled to any compensation?
Yes for professional team and for a serious Audit company.
Implementation of solutions.
Now sorry but proposals to boost APY for people who hold 1Wmemo is suspicious now scrapping Time this is Stupid.

and you still didn´t read carefully.

My bad yes we have 1 memo is ok but scrapping Time is a No it has good listings this mean a big loss . I’m for the APY Nft maybe yes but you take the trading off dude this is not on.
Do not fuck with Time this will backfire the exact purpose of this token is to trade it.
Consider giving more options
Ideally is a multitude of pools APY shared revenue different lock up periods
16 etc
You cannot scrap Time no we need to have the coin listed in more exchanges.

I think ppl need to decide themselves if they wanna keep TIME or not.
Personally, I have no problem with TIME. But if you can replace TIME with MEMO, then why not

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Ok maybe I’m idiot like 90%of people that are here lol look why do you want to scrap Time what benefits would be?
I got my APY and rebase in Time ok I don’t give a shit about dilution . Time is for be traded . Wmemo is intrinsic value . I don’t like Wmemo

  1. Is harder to trade it is in no exchanges
    2.Time is easier to move it always gaves you better price than Sushil is listed on Hotbit too and we have our rebaes in Time .
    Wmemo is a con what benefits you see in Wmemo?
    I got more money :money_with_wings: in Time if I would sell now on than my balance in Wmemo
    If I’m wrong please enlight me please

Sorry, you’re right – I missed “or price equivalent of…”

Nice point but now blocked Time deposit.

Guys it’s nice to see things moving forward. But let’s keep it easy. Most of the people will get lost with such a complicated mech. Maybe a UI can simplify all of this but I am not sure.

And why’s that? Obviously because of all this. Idiots that sustain to scrap the Time with something else where is no need to.
Yes they’ll deslisting eventually but because of community actions.

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 APY stays, but as a reward for longterm holders, in the form of 9 NFT´s

 First NFT gives you 1K APY boost and the next NFT´s go up by 10K, in steps

 These NFTs are only claimable from the front end of (needs to be developed) and will only work with the wallet that claimed them. Eligible are only holders of at least 1 MEMO or the PRICE EQUIVALENT in wMEMO

 To be considered as holder, you have to hold MEMO and wMEMO DIRECTLY FROM THE TREASURY. Your streak is tracked on chain. MEMO and wMEMO from other places are not considered, can however be exchanged through inverse bonds, in a 1:1 ratio
Wrapping of treasury MEMO to wMEMO and vice versa will not reset the hodl streak

 Voting is only possible with wMEMO that is DIRECTLY FROM TREASURY

 Selling or moving of your treasury sourced tokens will result in a reset of your hodl streak!

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