Pursue the listing of TIME on additional exchanges

One of the biggest difficulties for new investors to get into DAOs is the complexity around it. I was dumb enough to buy TIME from Gate.io, and man it was a struggle since you couldn’t just go and use all your funds and buy it at market price. I had to keep changing my offer every 10 seconds, as there were very small portions being sold at each price.

I’m not sure how much we can push for it, but I believe having TIME listed on additional exchanges would make Wonderland more visible and appealing, as well as increase the trade volume for TIME.


Yes, it is a good idea. I think Daniele is already at work to do something in this direction.

Will have to list $Memo instead of $Time though as you can’t possibly stake $time on a CEX

Also does that mean the exchange will have to own some $Memo for liquidity? Not sure how CEX works on a new pool

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Looks like wMEMO will be our golden child.