Put a small % of the treasury into high growth yet highly stable tech stocks like Apple

The desired outcome is to:

  • Improve price stability by backing TIME with a more stable asset class
  • Improve our image/reputation by putting in serious tech players into our treasury/portfolio
  • If our stock holdings go up, we can vote on a % reward split AND/OR % reinvestment back in
  • We can use the brand names of these big companies as a marketing tactic to increase exposure
  • We will get voting power as a collective at the big tech firms we invest in

Having something around 20% of our treasury in big tech stocks will give us a solid and more stable foundation whilst improving our reputation as a serious player in the market with a diversified portfolio.

If Apple makes a 10-20% annual gain, this can also offset to some degree any downtrend in the crypto market - historically, the stock market has over the long-term gone up consistently.

Additionally, this also gives us a RECOGNISED and already REGULATED class of asset to use as collateral in the market to support venture investments if we deem fit.

Does this mean we are no longer DeFi? No, it does not. It means we used our collective decentralised financial clout to invest in something to take back control through a collective effort whilst implementing a solid risk management strategy on the portfolio.

We could even do this through a partnership with a project like Algorand.

One possible complication is taxes but we could set up a legal entity offshore and put the holdings in the name of that legal entity.

The goal of investors is to make money, period - let’s not pretend or delude ourselves otherwise.

The goal of the treasury to support the above is to manage risk, promote security and stability, and give assurance to actors/players in the market that this is a serious venture taking the required steps to exist long-term.

This idea needs refining etc. but it’s just an initial thought and prompt for a wider discussion.

I’ve been up for this for a while. I also think we could make one of the most awesome VC funds. In a similar way $JADE are trying, $TIME is more civilised and has a much larger war chest and awesome community. Needs coordination though. Happy to get involved or find the right experience…

I think it’s a bad idea, You can open a Broker-account yourself and buy Apple or some other Tradfi company with 1 Trillion + valuation but what you can’t do, is getting in to a seed round of an Crypto Startup by yourself and this is in my opinion, what Wonderland should be focused on, invest in projects with high upside and get deals which are not accessible for regular people without Wonderland, not buy stuff like Apple at market price…


Why not do both? Solely investing in crypto ventures that are high risk by default is not a smart move from a risk management perspective.

Because investing in seed-rounds has an actual edge in the market, which you as an regular investor can not obtain by yourself and buying stuff at market price has no edge.
I suppose, if you somehow could arrange that we buy Apple at a 20% discount to market price, that would be a great proposal.

Furthermore, you can achieve your desired desertification by selling a part of your Wonderland holdings and buy stocks, this way you get your desired outcome.