Put out a bounty to dox whoever doxxed Sifu and orchestrated the liquidations

According to the Professor in his article:
(Wonderland: The Rise, Fall (and Comeback) of the world’s largest DAO. | by The Professor | Jan, 2022 | Medium)

there’s strong evidence that whoever it was that doxxed Sifu is also the one responsible for the liquidations.

"Having reviewed many blockchain transactions in the lead up to the liquidation cascade, my opinion is that this was an orchestrated attack, perhaps even from within. Let me lay out the evidence and you make your own decision:

  • Limit orders were set up a few days before to defend the backing price at a price slightly lower than backing to prevent any attacks. No one knew the price that the limit orders would buy at or the level of funds within those wallets outside of the Wonderland team. For security reasons (limit orders can’t interact with hardware wallets), a small portion was dedicated to defend against a sudden price drop.

  • Dani and Sifu’s wallets (two of the largest wMEMO holders with the most leverage) are publicly available and whilst one can generally estimate where their average liquidation level might be, it is not an exact science when viewing on-chain as most people taking out leverage will have a tiered structure with different price points to manage exposure. Case in point is Dani’s wallet, which lost close to $20 million through the liquidation event: abracadabra liquidations

  • These tiered liquidation prices are not publicly available and could only have been known to people with access to Abracadabra’s back end. This is also the case with the buyback reserve within the Sushi limit orders. Is it a coincidence that when Dani and Sifu were sleeping that there were millions of dollars simultaneous sell orders to break the ‘buyback wall’ set up and trigger the liquidation panic we saw? Someone knew when and how hard to push in order to collapse the price.

  • Although I have only heard this through secondary sources and cannot confirm for sure, I have been told that @zachxbt (the man who exposed Sifu) was tipped off by someone using a burner account about Sifu’s identity. How many people knew Sifu’s real identity? Not many I assume. It wouldn’t surprise me if it was the same person who orchestrated the liquidation events with their inside knowledge. Remember the story about how Nathan Rothschild made a fortune after the Battle of Waterloo? TLDR: After Napoleon’s defeat at Waterloo, Rothschild was able to get a message back to London quicker than the royal envoy to spread misinformation that Napoleon won. The result? Stock markets crashed with the mass hysteria and he was able to buy up some of the most valuable companies for a fraction of what they were worth. Everything is not as it seems.

Let’s put out a bounty to uncover whoever it was who did this, if it can be proven.


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