Q4 2022 - Redemption Breakdown/Whitelist

Q4 2022 - Redemption is now over!

The Q4 2022 Wonderland Redemption has concluded!

325.836785 wMEMO whitelisted for redemption. A total of 249.4090962 wMEMO was redeemed and burned.

Total amount of USDC.e claimed:
7,019,868.20 out of 9,171,002.15 available for redemption.

76.54% of the whitelisted wMEMO was redeemed.

The new total wMEMO in circulation is: 3574.377357

The next Quarterly Redemption is scheduled to begin on the 1st of April, 2023.

Q4 2022 - Redemption is now LIVE!

The Wonderland Q4 2022 Redemption is now LIVE!

The redemption value per wMEMO is: 28,146 USDC.e

To redeem, please visit the dapp: https://app.wonderland.money/#/redemption

The redemption portal will remain open for 7 days to allow sufficient time for all whitelisted holders who wish to participate.
Those who voted “YES, add me to the whitelist” in the whitelisting vote will be eligible to redeem in partial or in full up to the amount they held at the time of the Whitelist snapshot.

To verify whether or not you are on the whitelist, you can view the status of your vote here:

Note: Not all Centralized Exchanges support USDC.e on AVAX. Please confirm or swap/bridge to a supported asset before sending funds to a CEX!

Q4 2022 - Redemption Breakdown/Whitelist

Redemption Details

The latest Treasury Breakdown puts the redemption price at 27,992 USDC.e. Note that wMEMO is currently trading around $1000 above the redemption price.

Liquid treasury:    $107,207,944 (excluding BSGG)
Circ. supply:          3829.9 wMEMO
Per wMEMO:         27,992 USDC.e

This price will fluctuate until the treasury has been fully prepared.

In regards to seed assets for this redemption, none of the BSGG held by Wonderland will be added to the redemption price per wMEMO. This is due to the lack of liquidity available and per WIP #18

Full treasury breakdown: Wonderland Treasury - Google Tabellen


Initial Breakdown:    2022-12-19T16:00:00Z
Whitelist:                    2022-12-20T16:00:00Z to 2022-12-30T16:00:00Z
Treasury prep:           2022-12-30T16:00:00Z to 2023-01-01T16:00:00Z
Redemption:              2023-01-01T16:00:00Z to 2023-01-08T16:00:00Z

This timeline may vary due to unforeseen delays or operational needs.

Whitelist Details

The whitelist will begin on:


The voting options will be as follows:

  • YES, add me to the whitelist
  • NO, do not add me to the whitelist

Snapshot link:

The redemption price breakdown will be periodically updated in the comments below.

The final redemption price will be available on the redemption page.


For more details on Redemption:
[WIP #9] - Quarterly Redemption Option for Holders
[WIP #18] - Amendment & Clarification of Quarterly Redemption

The Wonderland Q4 2022 Redemption Whitelist is now open!

Those considering the redemption option will need to vote “YES” to be eligible to redeem.

Q4 2022 Redemption Whitelist