Questions that should be answered before the upcoming proposals

Hi Everyone,

Like everyone i am shocked at the events that unfolded during the last week. I’d like to start by saying to Daniele that I think most people still believe you. YOU fucked man, but you clearly are not a malicious actor based on your actions post mortem. I personally still believe in you and your ability which is why I am potentially for continuing on with this experiment. I see proposals for change in treasury management which is great but here is what I would like your perspective on:

Trading profits are cool but I don’t think that is why people invested. I think the true value in wonderland is privileged access to degen abracadabra strategies, VC deal flow and YOU.

  1. VC Deal Flow - Do you think this is still going to be possible given the hit on reputation? Will projects want Wonderland to invest?
  2. Will privileged access to degen Abracadabra strategies still be possible?
  3. Are you willing to commit more time to this project.

Another thing I would like addressed is governance. I don’t see any proposals in place. I personally have 10 years of experience as a regulator in derivatives trading and would be willing to give 15 hours of my time for FREE to help put something in place (this as someone making 6 figures plus). Getting fully doxxed is not an issue for me.

Daniele we love you and still believe in what this project initially stood for.


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