Rage quit idea is a terrible one! reasons why...(only thing i'd change with professors idea)

Why commit to such a self-destructive plan, it’s 100% damages the protocol and only favours people who want nothing to do with it. Also it’s unfair to all of those people who sold below backing/they should also be allowed to get there difference back.

The strength of the VC model is literally based on the amount of the treasury…so what do you think will happen when you lose 40% of it, well others who believed will freak out and also decide to exercise this option. Plus there are so may ways to take advantage if you know this is going to happen.

The people that are punished the most are the ones that believe in the project, it’s a joke in my opinion.

Forgot to mention the price could always go up and people might be able to exit above backing anyway and get revenue shares in the meantime. Don’t put things forward that’s not in the best interest of the protocol!

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Agreed Rage Quit will not benefit the long term holders.


Agreed. This only benefits short term holders and whales that tried to destroy this project. If you want out then sell at market price.

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Totally agree. Rage quit is another way to liquidate and steal from the treasury. It only helps the whales or those who bought the dip. We should move to a revenue share model so people can recover their losses. Revenue share will incentivise people to stake longer, which will reduce sell pressure, this will increase price. People can sell and quit at that stage when price is higher.

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exactly!!! i want to get this post more traction but i think others over look these points

Agreed Rage Quit will not benefit the long term holders. But if it needs to be a Rage Quit option then I think its only fair to use snapshot before sifu affair and forbid anyone who bought - traded time/memo/wmemo after that to Rage Quit.

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Is the professor doxxed? or is it Sifu’s alt account? I just watched a 30 minute video on Quadriga, and doesn’t even look like the government of Canada considered Sifu a suspect as he left the company when they failed to go public in 2016. Pretty sure the last guy got fired for no reason.

the conspiracy theory begins

I am staying and think that we need to support Daniele. I am not a fan of Rage Quitting. Anyone who wants to can sell. It is odd that an investment community would help those who made or think they made a bad investment. Like investments in the real world sell your tokens.


sorry for all the grammatical errors :confused:

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