Rebase Rewards(whale's issue)[Potential fix?]

IDEA** -Please read!

What if 8hour rebase was calculated on position held for…

For example if I only just purchased 1 hour before rebase I would only be entitled to x% (1/8) of rebase…
If I held my position for the full 8 hours I get 100% entitled rebase!?

Rebase should be reward for position held over time. If you only hold for 20% of the 8hr you only get 20% rebase. If whales want in they need to hold for min 8hours for full rebase rewards…

Please read

Since you can easily trade through wMemo you can dodge any Limitation since wMemo is prestaked. (Holding wMemo for 1 minute will give you a 8h reward)

Since any changes in price of wMemo will get arbitraged by bots I don’t see where this would fix this myth.

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dang, thought I was onto something.

Close. If you want to see what people think about it: