Rebases every hour

Big Whales are draining Wonderland Money by adding funds before the rebase and cashing out after. This action can be potentially reduced by rebasing every hour instead of every 8 hours, obviously the amount received each rebase will be less, but in the end it works out the same.

Whales will not bother selling only having to buy in an hour later, 24 times every day.

I think we should change rebases from every 8hrs to every 1 hours as a temporary fix to try stop the price from tanking. having a rebase every 1 hours might draw people in from other daos who do it every 8hrs

We would like to expedite this issue.
All who agree, type “yes” below


You have a 0.3% fee for swaps happening on Sushiswap. You have to trade MIM to wMemo and then wMemo back to MIM which makes it overall a bit under 0.6% in trading fee. That’s my thesis that specific behavior like the one you state doesn’t exist considered rebases reward 0.59x%.

Do you have empirical evidence that there are really big wallets doing that? Or could there be the possibility that many small froggies are behaving like a big whale? You need to consider that also minting causes trading action around rebases.

If you can provide empirical evidence I will be on your side.

Already plenty of post on this. Please read those.

Also, who’s we ?