Redemption Q2 2022

LIVE ~ Redemption Q2 2022 ~ LIVE

The Q2 2022 redemption is now LIVE:

The redemption portal will remain open for 72 hours to allow sufficient time for all whitelisted holders who wish to participate. To redeem, please visit the dapp.

Q2 2022 Redemption Price per wMEMO:
$32,466 USDC + 229,082 BSGG tokens

It will remain open for whitelisted holders for 72 hours to redeem their total whitelisted amount only.

As voted in WIP #9, Wonderland will now be offering quarterly redemption periods. This will allow holders the option to exit their position at a predetermined price based on Treasury assets.

[WIP #9] - Quarterly Redemption Option for Holders

[REDEMPTION] Q2 2022 - Redemption Whitelist