[REDEMPTION] Q3 2022 - Redemption Whitelist/Breakdown

Q3 2022 - Redemption IS NOW OVER!

The Q3 2022 Wonderland Redemption has concluded!

663.216779 wMEMO whitelisted for redemption. A total of 333.134230 wMEMO was redeemed and burned.

Total amount of USDC.e redeemed:
$9,100,560.902388 out of $18,117,755.986806 available for redemption.

Total amount of BSGG redeemed:
22,782,716.8740573 out of 45,356,732.344305 available for redemption.

50.23% of the whitelisted wMEMO was redeemed by a total of 337 wallets.

The new total wMEMO in circulation is: 3821.210341

The next Quarterly Redemption is scheduled to begin on the 1st of January, 2023.

Thank you to everyone on the Wonderland team for working together so efficiently to execute the Q3 redemption flawlessly!

Whitelist Details

The voting options will be as follows:

  • YES, add me to the whitelist
  • NO, do not add me to the whitelist


The redemption price breakdown will be periodically updated in the comments below.

The estimated redemption price redemption price will be added on the snapshot vote.

Redemption Details

The official Q3 redemption price was:
27,318 USDC + 68,389 BSGG tokens

In regards to the BSGG tokens for this redemption, 25% of the BSGG held by Wonderland, but not in the staking contract or bound by vesting will be added to the redemption price per wMEMO.

  • Total BSGG:     1 571 724 593 BSGG
  • Total unvested:     435 080 000 BSGG
  • Net Liquid:    1 136 644 593 BSGG
  • Elligible (25%):   284 161 148 BSGG


  • Initial Breakdown: 2022-09-21T15:28:00Z
  • Whitelist: 2022-09-22T18:17:00Z to 2022-09-29T18:17:00Z
  • Treasury prep: 2022-09-29T18:17:00Z to 2022-10-01T18:17:00Z
  • Redemption: 2022-10-01T18:30:00Z to 2022-10-04T18:30:00Z

*Keep in mind these time may vary due to unforeseen delays or operational needs.


  1. While you will be able to vote for the whitelist by being staked in the farm, you will need to unstake when the time to redeem comes.

  2. Redemption allows for a fair value exit once a quarter. You are not assured of such fair value exit until the next quarter. The project’s status quo may also change as well.

For more details on WIP 9: [WIP #9] - Quarterly Redemption Option for Holders


Breakdown by Treasury Operators


Updated numbers from the Treasury Operators:


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Final breakdown:


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