Reducing cascade/rapidly dropping price

Large drops might or might not be manipulated by algorithms/bots but we have to protect our community when price might be manipulated. Taking some items from the exchanges/ maybe adding in the contract a circuit breaker to stop accepting buys/sells for a period of time. Once bots kick in whether if its just for trading trends or just full out trying to manipulate the prices, we need to be able to stop those dramatic drops because I know we like the decentralized idea and supply/demand shoud technically work itself out (in a normal world) but not when its algos/bots trading because they will continue to trade as built with no true knowledge of true value to our community. Being that cypto is volatile we would do a low price drop, possibly 18% drop. Think some of these drops accelerate pass a 15% drop.
Secondly - I would think Wonderland is really intended for the mid-long term investor, can consider a short term hold fee/tax whatever you want to call it for recent purchases into wonderland. This could also prevent bots from attempting to constantly trade memo, my have these individuals think twice before short term trading, could reduce volatility. We have to put some end to this because Wonderland is great idea, holders want to be part of it but as human beings we can back a project for so long until sentiment changes and trust is lost, unfortunately we are seeing some of that. Bigs and fast steps need to counter the issue. Just my 2 cents, open to suggestions.

They would need to implement their own AMM and transfer liquidity there to do this. But why bother?

Example only: They can offer a redemption at 5% below backing price for anyone to exit. From that point, no one will sell below 5% below backing.

If leveraged people get rekd that is their problem.

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