Refund initial investment - challenge for math geniuses

Can treasury really refund all our initial investments? i think we should calculate all minted tokens value at the moment they were minted. but it’s VERY IMPORTANT to eliminate from our calculation all tokens minted for rebases. Since tokens are minted at premium price a part of this premium is used to mint other tokens from thin air but these other tokens are not important for us since they are distributed for rebases and have nothing to do with our initial minting investment.

Some big whales have many tokens only thanks to rebases but if we count only their initial investment they have much less tokens.

I’m waiting for someone that make this calculation for us. thank you in advance

sorry but, minting, hell, have a very bad run on that, minted a few times and then they got removed, so no interest for days, will that be compensated too. you all know everything in crypto is a gamble, stop complaining if you lost out

I’m just gonna give you the TL;DR:


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