Refund the frog first! Later we decide if we invest again!

hello frogs, I apologize if I will use the translator to speed up. I state that I do not want to talk about SIFU. but of the responsibilities of “Wonderland”, the frogs have the right to choose whether to continue investing. this will be possible after a refund. at that point we will be the ones to choose whether to continue investing here. this is a frog nation thing. here Ê “Wonderland” which must regain our confidence. we are not the ones who have to give it to “wonderland” before seeing the new “fantastic” projects and new results.

(When I say refund I mean at least the Backing wmemo.)

Speaking of “The sky Hopper”, they say “we never wrote here”, so they are not frogs, they have not lost money, they only have to gain from treasury management. if they really think that wonderland has 100X potential, first wonderland repay and then with the remaining treasury The sky hopper, it will do miracles of him. but my question is … if there will be a refund and the treasury dwindles … will he still be interested in working here? I don’t think so, because it’s just pure interest. let’s not be fooled. I believe in wonderland but I believe in the freedom to choose. a hug to Daniele and all the frogs.


You’re right it’s up to the individual to decide if they want to stay part of this.

If you do, stick around.

If you don’t, sell up, take your loss and leave.


Anyhting else sir?? :studio_microphone: :wastebasket:

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Welllllll look who it is!


This is a really bad time to exit, when confidence and the general market are at a low. The price is going to pump once the dust has settled, knowing that we still have the treasury after a career criminal has been ejected from the project.

The easiest way to exit will be to wait for the price to pump and then sell out.

The treasury contains wMEMO, TIME, MIM which wouldn’t count for shit if we closed the project. So you are better off waiting a couple of weeks and selling out then, if you want to leave.

Fully agree!

Dani shouldnt even be in the position to promote who should replace sifu. Dani and Sifu should be out of this project, otherwise there is no future.

The money needs to get back to the investors and not just at 40k wmemo price. This price was after Dani and Sifu damaged us all.

Snapshot needs to be dated back and there shouldnt be a vote allowed to hand over the treasury to someone else.

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I dont mean, close the project, just refund and later when project is restarted , we decide if invest or not. Again

That won’t happen anyway. If the project is dead, it is dead, and Dani’s reputation is dead with it.

Most likely the big frogs will vote to carry on. The treasury is huge and can generate a lot of profits.

Agree refund unfair sub 24k liquidations then we talk about exchanging for treasury value or continuing

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