Reimburse everyone who bought in novemeber

Reimburse everyone who bought in novemeber.

This project has changed many times. No revenue sharing, no road map, no marketing, no CEX listing. Promise after promise after promise broken. Sifu “asleep” while he got liquidated (that money went into Dani’s pocket, could easily go back to Sifu, if they’re even different people).

New WIP, we pay back everyone who bought in since Novemember. I want to be paid back in Tether mind. Not MIM and certainly not WMEMO, nothing that grubby charlatan has had his hand near.


I understand that you don’t trust anymore the project and if it’s the case your are free to leave it.

I don’t see the point to ask for a reimbursement it will be better to propose idea to improve the project.

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Because the project was marketed as X and then changed to Y then Z then A

If we started profit sharing after a few months price started tanking for some reason then it would be different. But there’s been no CEX listing, no profit sharing, and now their latest announcement they want to “merge” the whole thing into abracadabra… god I feel sick, been played like a fiddle


then don’t onboard early project wait to see and then make your descision

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Reimburse everyone and close the project. I lost so far 720 $.


Agreed, reimburse the original investment sum first, including the promised airdrops, then let those who want to stay hang around.

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