REJECT merger, SHUT DOWN all buying and selling for indefinite period, then use treasury revenue to REIMBURSE every holder's ORIGINAL INVESTMENT

Let’s use the treasury’s daily revenue to pay back everyone’s original investment, while suspending price action completely. I don’t know if this is technically or legally possible, but if the treasury is making $1M a day (or even half that), surely it wouldn’t take too long to reimburse all current holders? Even if it took a year, or more, it would be better than everyone losing everything.


Go duck yourself . Go sell if you want. Bye bye

That’s not the way any of this works.

I mean I’m all for this. If it were a true DAO we could vote and it would happen.

So basically you’re saying, don’t allow anyone to buy or sell for the next year until we recoup all of our initial investment?

Doesn’t sound feasible to me, even just practically.

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