REJECT Merger: wMEMO was indeed worst memories, not wonderful

We were told that wMEMO is here to stay.
We were told that backing price protects frogs.
We were told that we are going to be an investment DAO.

We were told so many things, but the merger with SPELL?

Was this even something the Frog Nation wanted or even being discussed before? (Straight up WIP-3, bypassing Discussion and RFP)

The only reason the Frog Nation narrative is so strong is because of $TIME / $MEMO / $wMEMO and now we are going to completely eliminate it?

Why didn’t just convert everything on the top then? (Like Dani talks about selling AVAX on the top.)
Now we are going to get far lesser SPELL , then people are going to dump that SPELL the moment they get their hands on it.

So sad to see this as snapshot are going to be heavily manipulated by whales picking ‘YES’ to mergers.

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Sad to see that you didn’t receive any replies!

Topic has been closed since the merger is no longer an option.