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Hello, since revenue share begun I’ve been constantly on discord to be updated and what I realized is astonishing.
Most of people are in WL because think they earn 77k % on their money.
I was wondering who the hell is selling wMEMO now that Rev share started and after they didn’t RQ? Probably people that realized (being in discord after a lot of time) that rebases are worthless for their money .
So they get in discord because of the rev share news, they realize apr it’s not 77k% and they sell.
I see most of them are not familiar in defi, seems the first time they farm with all the misunderstandings connected to newbies.
I have to think that most of them were still selling rebases regularly.

I came back on WL website and try to look at it as i was a new investor. Actually I may think that I earn 77% from my money. It’s probably urgent to change the message, now wMEMO has a purpose and a value, it’s not on apr but sharing quote in a company that has a huge capital, invests it and shares profits.

This message is just to point out my thoughts on what seems to me the understanding of a majority of people about WL, and they make the market


You have the right idea, but I’d say wrong execution.

The whole rebase system is the problem, that’s what we’d want to phase out.

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I agree, I don’t enter in execution, not skilled enough. My perspective is communication wise, the issue now it’s not the product (WL) but how it’s perceived by the majority

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I agree, the APR is a vestige of an Era that is no longer with us. We are not Olympus DAO, we should try to differentiate ourselves and regain legitimacy over the next several months.

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If I’m rebasing every 8 hours and also compounding why would I not want for this to continue? I feel its the only way to recover my 90% loss and at the same time make money? Asking because I’m relatively new to crypto and would like someone who has the knowledge to explain to me the pros or cons to my thinking. Thanks

Rebase alone won’t help you recoup your loss.
You get more tokens, but they are worth less everytime you get more. Only way to recoup is for the price to go up. That’s why it’s better to track the wMEMO price since it is not affected by the rebase.

The new farming page helps you get other tokens so you can make actual money regardless of what the price of TIME is.

You still get the rebase, but you get extra returns.

I’ve seen you write about tracking the WM price before and that’s what I’ve been doing. Rebasing + compounding + WM price going up is my hope. Thanks again

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why not just peg the price of TIME to 10% or 20% of WMEMO price?

The price of TIME and wMEMO are already “pegged” to each other based on the index.

Having a change like this would require considerable change for no real purpose.

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Why don’t you reintegrate the calculator to help users better understand rebases and returns?

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Calculator was one of the worse things in this project and does in no way shape of form explain the rebase process properly. Quite the opposite actually.

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I’ve farmed 10$ worth of bsgg token ever since the launch and for some reason i paid 8 $ for gas fees, how can anyone get their money back from this kinda returns ?

Well gas on AVAX are pretty high right now so the trick would be to wait when there is less traffic on the network, but also, you can wait longer to harvest.

A lot of people are just leaving it until BSGG staking goes live at the end of the month.

Keep in mind that current returns don’t reflect the true returns from when the treasury will be fully deployed.

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