Remove Daniele as the leader

It’s a certainty that Daniele is no longer qualified for leading this project. He wakes up every morning and keeps tweeting stuff all day long and that’s it. He’s just a person of tweets!
Sifu is the treasury manager while Daniele is supposed to develop the platform and evolve it. Now let’s see what he’s accomplished in the last couple of months:

  • Wonderland is made of 3 primary sections. The DAO, which is this website, the fund section which shows the treasury in real time ( and the main website which lets you stake/wrap/bridge. What is interesting is that all these sections are isolated. There are no linking between the sections. The DAO (this website) is even a completely different website than the Wonderland. What it should’ve been like is an all-in-one website with proper navigation between the sections, lowering the possibilities of phishing attempts and etc.
  • Go to Wonderland’s Github repository (where the open-source code of the project is) and what you’ll see is that the developer activity for the project is extremely low! There are only about 4-5 developers working on this project which for a new project like Wonderland with so much room for improvement that’s not enough!

The point of this post is to have an overview of what were the benefits of having Daniele on board during the last 2 months. Sifu is taking care of the treasury (good or bad, that’s out of the scope of this post). But Daniele has done nothing to develop this protocol. Wonderland is broken into pieces, different websites and different sections all isolated with no sign of improvement. I assure you all Daniele is not capable of writing a simple “Hello World!” app in any programming language. What he’s done was hiring a couple of devs taking care of this project. What we need is a proper leader taking care of the development instead of spending whole day tweeting frog emojis. In my opinion “Andre Cronje” could make a great leader since he’s coded successful project before and knows what he’s doing. But if you have better people in mind, please don’t hesitate to share.

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Isn’t Daniele the product owner? Why should he give up the leadership? Is Andre even interesting to take over the project? Not sure but thanks for some valuable infos. I did not even know that exists… The fund site is linked with homepage BTW

I’d vote no. Daniele has several projects he works on and as such, it was never believed that he would be only working on wonderland. Wonderland is a VC fund. We use the treasury for investments to generate revenue for holders. Currently, we have no investments generating value (aside from LP activities), but it looks like we’re close to getting the first two set up. What your talking about (website look/features) has very little to do with what the team is focusing on at the moment. As all of the medium articles and posts have talked about recently is the revenue share aspect they’re working on. So why not wait and see if they deliver on these outcomes?

By “They” do you mean Sifu? He’s the treasury manager doing these stuff I don’t see what Daniele has to do with those steps taken.

Definitely a no.

If you’re blaming this liqudiation cascade on the founders/treasury management … you are severely misinformed.

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Daniele has to give up if the Dao votes so. (Just like how Daniele took over Sushi from the original team because the their DAO voted.) And giving the project to Andre was just an idea, it could be anyone as long as the DAO vote on.

As mentioned in the post, the treasury management is out of the scope of this post, as is the price movement. What we’re talking about here is the development of and maturing the protocol and what effect Daniele has on this matter.

this is ridiculously childish. gtfo of here with this mentality, you are only hurting the project


You don’t think Daniele is involved in any of that stuff?

Anyways. If you wanted to put up a vote to fund some more team members to redesign the website or implement better analytics or whatever else I’ve got no problem with that. Trying to kick out the head honcho due to a market-wide rut and a sector-wide (the OHM-fork sector lol) collapse seems like the wrong move.

Things move slowly and this is an early project. I’m sorry people got liquidated thinking their “backed” asset couldn’t go significantly under backing in the event of an extended sell-off.

Obviously, things could have been handled better in all areas. There’s always room for improvement. I would vote to let Daniele stick around and see through those improvements.

Do you even know where you are boy? This is his playground. The whole ecosystem revolves around his apps and his vision. Nobody is keeping you here by force.

I love your vision of that ecosystem. Sleep on that vision. Don’t let it fade.

Actually there was a vote on for redesigning the homepage and it was passed a month ago. No sign of a redesign as of yet!

It did not pass. The quorum was not met. This is basic governance 101.

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