Remove Squirrel from all Wonderland Management Roles

Squirrel should be removed from all Wonderland management roles that he currently holds. It is beyond obvious that he wanted to see Wonderland wound down and have the treasury handed off to Abra to support another one of Dani’s projects that he is heavily invested in. This would have hurt every TIME/MEMO holder. However, it would have benefitted Dani and Squirrel. Squirrel should no longer hold any power over the Wonderland community.


I Agree he should be removed immediately


I hate to say it but Dani will of on-boarded his own ‘friends’ as they are set for life after this scam. It’s an elaborate way to get away with scamming millions without legal repercussions.

We’ve all been had properly, now we just have wonderful memories and an expensive education.

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project is corrupt as hell. already evidenced by the fact that we won a vote and it was unilaterally overturned by the devs. they’re all crooks and the only possible way forward is to drain the swamp and start with a fresh team. what’s the point of even pursuing further votes or discussion here? we’ve been castrated by the powers that be and i see no real way of democratizing our way out of this. revolt is the only way but how do you do that in the defi space?



I think there is some great minds within the community but I think those great minds should start their own community and move away from anything related to this. Even with new custodians of the treasury the amount of advertising to clean the name ‘Wonderland’ would cost so much money.
No serious investors will trust the name/brand as it’s beyond repair in my professional opinion. I suspect if it was handed over sifu will have a backdoor into the treasury. These people may be stupid when it comes to business but they are masterminds when it comes to scams.

Time will run out and karma shall prevail.

Removed him now, he belongs to dani and mafia, he need to be fucking removed

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:rofl: has someone removed the backdoor

I support this proposal as well.

Yes please remove squirrel

Squirrel is on the Popsicle team and not Wonderland.