Remove $wMemo and $Memo and continue with just $TIME coin

Hello everyone,

I am writing this because of frustration and confusion that all of this brings to us frogs. We have TIME coin, Memo and wMemo now, it can be quite confusing that is for sure.

As we all know by know, rebases do nothing and it is purely there to just annoy people now.

My suggestion is:

  • Remove the wMemo and Memo and just stick with the TIME coin.

Why you may ask?

  • Well it is because TIME is the first coin for Wonderland and at least in my opinion sounds much nicer than wMemo and Memo, not to mention people will probably get confused when they are withdrawing other coins and there is Memo option there and they may associate it with Memo from Wonderland.

$TIME coin is already on few exchanges and it is well known. It is also authentic, there is no other coin with $TIME tag.

What is the point of using wMemo when TIME can be the same thing just by turning off the rebases and that way limiting the supply.


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