Repay all liquidations under backing price!

not really, you can try to do it like sifu tried and add collateral (from his salary straight from the treasury)
But maybe if he had just repaid his loan with mims like you are saying it we wouldnt be having this conversation so you should be the treasurer maybe?

I’m sorry but I can barely understand anything that your writing. On that note, much luck to ya.

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Your logic is just so dumbfounded, your grasp of the English language it’s just terrible.

You need to take a step back and think what you are actually saying or trying to portray, you need to take responsibly for your actions.

I will give you an example: if a sheep jumps off a cliff thinking it can fly and someone before it says "looks safe to me” and you do it too and you both fall, then your stupidity is your own fault.

The bottom line is you have the final say in your actions, no one else. You chose to do what you did, no one else, you read someone posted something… well great but you still chose to act on it. You chose to take that loan knowing the is risks. You now have to live with the consequences of your actions.

As I said earlier. Go make a thread where you can moan at people because your points have no ground anymore.

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Lol…gotcha! Again, POLITELY, peace out and much luck to you.

polite dictators are always the best

Malaka, I have some ideas, can I write them?

The majority of people do not agree with this. Why is it continuing ?

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what about paying people back but somehow locking the funds for a certain amount of time (no pun in intended)? that way no one can sell and bail on the project right away and somewhat stabilize the price.

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How about you give me all your money and your house but lock it in so I cant sell it for 10 years. That is the same logic.

Sometimes you just get a bit tired, do you know the feeling ?
It´s not hard to see in this thread who lost their money cause they were too greedy and who did not.
I think everyone that has been in crypto long enough, knows that you shall never trade with leverage in a volatile market and by that you must ask yourself this…Is DAO´s the very essence of a volatile market ??
Don´t blaim others for your own stupidity and greed !
Just learn from your mistake and get back in the game…


What’s the point of this discussion? First, you already lost your position so you can’t even vote on this. Secondly, it’s all you guys who voted for @Sifu to be the one who manages treasury that is more than one billion at that time. Now you guys see the man you have selected didn’t do the job properly and asking for refund??? Come on, that’s all the risk you should keep to yourself.

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People are buying tiny amount and trying to force free money. They even have an RFC spreadsheet to do it !

RIP thread.

You were the outlet for so much but hurt.

With the current price of time and market conditions, none of that matters anymore…

Time to move on.

God speed current and former frogs


Even though I believe it’d been useful to see the actual proposals (some even not taking funds from the treasury to repay liquidations), this has been the decision by @0xWicked: “I have looked at the rfc, the discussion about paying liquidations overall had a 70% sentiment against ur initial idea. Im afraid that we would be wasting community time if we push your topic to an RFC, only to be voted no afterwards.”

I will be closing this thread in a couple of days.


Thank you g_bcn and all friends made efforts.
This proposal was the last hope for my recovery, now I have to leave.
People are cheering for the burnning proposal, my heart is bleeding, 45 of those Time to be burnt was with me for 118 days. now is memory.
Goodbye, Wounderland.


Objectively speaking, this is not the same as the liquidations that happened with Wonderland in the past. They were all ABOVE the backing price. The APY is really inconsequential. It’s just a stock split 4=4 and 2+2=4, instead of 80,000% it could have been 1,000,000% like other DAOs. Doesn’t matter. It’s a marketing ploy. All that matters is the marketcap. We need as many frogs as possible to increase that marketcap.

I think this liquidation event from Jan 17th under the backing price has turned many frogs back into people who are walking away from the project for good. Trust in Sifu has been eroded to a large degree, even though he is now doing a good job with the buybacks, although I’m not sure if this is a good idea in the long run.

9,9 is actually good for everyone because it pushes up the price of wMEMO and adds to the Marketcap. Indirectly it helps all TIME/MEMO holders when used responsibly. Personally I think if your liquidation was far beneath the backing price that wouldn’t be irresponsible. A bit risky, seeing as you would have to trust Sifu and the dev team, to respond with buybacks. Still can’t believe Sifu let himself get liquidated. Crazy.


I agree. For those that didn’t take risks and didn’t get liquidated have still lost money because this Wonderland Protocol has completely changed how they do things, like no more Time token and the falling API percentage etc. I think its ludicrous to suggest that others should just suck it up and allow those you made a choice to take a higher risk receive compensation . I didn’t see anything in the white paper that suggests that some investors will be compensated and others wont if something goes wrong. I’m not feeling confident in this program anymore becuz my trust is gone but am stuck because I’m down. Personally I feel that with all the changes and the fact that the Time token is gone, this whole thing has now changed from an investment to just a buying a useless Wmemo token with future promises that its going to go up.

The initial community sentiment is against a repayment with 70% of votes going against this. A new discussion focusing on burning as a new feature has emerged and received support.

This discussion will be closed.