[Request for Proposals] $LIQ Airdrop to Wonderland Users

At InstaLiq DAO, we are committed to doing our part to make the Wonderland community whole again. Therefore, we have allocated 10% of the initial supply of our LIQ governance token to an airdrop benefiting Wonderland users.

The drop will take place shortly after the token launch in Q1 2022, but the concrete details of the airdrop still need to be fleshed out. Since we are building on top of SushiSwap, we want to invite both the Sushi and Wonderland community to take part in this process.

Specifically, we need to find a fair distribution mechanism that takes everything into account what happened over the past weeks and compensates users for their commitment to Wonderland and the hits they have taken. This includes finding the correct snapshot dates.

Secondly, LIQ will launch on Ethereum first, whereas Wonderland transactions are stored on AVAX and we’re not entirely sure how we can access this data for the eventual distribution, so any suggestions are highly appreciated.

If you want to help us, feel free to drop your suggestions in this thread. Additionally, we have opened up a discussion channel on our Discord server.

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