Respectful donation request

Dear nation of frogs, unfortunately I am one more that is added to the list of victims of this plague of thieves who are dedicated to hacking and emptying wallets, I do not hold you responsible for my losses, however I dare to appeal to your good Will.

Like many of you, I am a frog who deposited his money and effort in this project with the hope of a better life, I currently have many debts and it is impossible for me to invest again because my wallet was emptied, I would need to replenish the amount of 4 TIMES and a bit of AVAX to get me back on track.
For the moment I have already discarded the previous wallet and if it seems good to you, I will leave the address of the new one in case someone wants to make a donation: 0x28605a313D89Dd3052CfF4d62B635A41746a9327

If I achieve my goal, I commit to do hodl and be aware of the good causes in which this nation is also committed; In the same way, if I collect more than 4 TIMEs in the donation, I promise to send them to where the community tells me, if I do not manage to restart my initial goal, in any case I wish the best future for this project.

I also ask you please not to make fun of me, because I already feel bad enough for having lost all my funds.

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On 7 th of January I was rinsed too but I don’t have the fuckin audacity to come here begging for free money :money_with_wings::moneybag:
And the loss was quite heavy


-£9500 hacked they rinsed all my trust wallet including the Avax I had there they unstaked my Time too
I made a new account elsewhere bought a Ledger.
Now all I have left is £1200 because I got in at extra
So why the Fuck you’re begging for money put the damn thing down

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You should learn to write, but more urgently learn to be a better person, greetings.

You should put up your old wallet address so people can see you were hacked and your funds were drained. It would show funds moving to the wallet of, probably, a well known scammer.

This will allow people to verity your story.

Check this hash please



81 Avax is a big loss for people like me

Initial hash
My previous wallet

Wallet who rinsed me

So how much did you lost 125 bucks?
I don’t ask for donations like a twat yes for help and investigation maybe

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@Danielolteanu please remain respectful.

No problem mate I’m losing my temper sometimes

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FYI, be careful if you receive random tokens that you dont know what they are. They could be scam tokens and it’s better not to interact with them.

Sorry for offending your intelligence now why don’t you post your wallet address the hash and the wallet that your funds were sustracted we’re 2 now maybe we can get more people and start building a case to trace those wallets.

Might be this I did received those MNB tokens but right after I was rinsed this was a new wallet created on Trust special for Wonderland.
On 2-3 they rinsed me therefore this is what I’m arguing they found a wick spot on Wonderland or something otherwise how they rinsed me from Wonderland unstaking my Memo etc.

This could help:

AVAX Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | SnowTrace

Yes, it shows.

Sorry for the people who’s around you.

No need to rub it in.

You’re right, I’m sorry.

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