Rev Share Idea

I think a cool idea would be to create a CDP for implementing rev share in the future.

Open your position using wmemo and you can generate mim or time from it.

This strategy would allow us to bring utility to wmemo and also provide a way to implement various features of rev share through a single, easy to use ui.

Your position would be loosely pegged to backing price and the asset bundles that the treasury has invested in for the purpose of rev share. As profits increase you are able to generate a redeemable asset from the treasury at any point in time, ideally it would be Time and mim. Time because we own it and we can mint it, this cdp idea would give the treasury a use case for stabilizing Time beyond how it currently works in regards to balancing rebasing metrics, it would eliminate the factors that created its deprecation.

It would be effective for combating inflation and open market volatility… also it would give us a reason to re open discounts in the future as they would be sustainable if a cdp is utilized to comparatively maintain the control the treasury has over it’s own tokens. We could make mim a redeemable but it couldn’t be allowed to drain the treasuries holdings until we are fully self sustaining… it would need to be excess mim being distributed so that the treasury isn’t hurting itself in the beginning.

A cdp rev share dynamic would be great for bringing in new investors while the price is under backing, when the price of wmemo is under backing there is much less of a chance for any amount of liquidation. When the price is over backing, the risk of a bear market bringing the price down to or below backing signals people may be over selling and that would be the primary concern for potential liquidations. My point is, as an investor, managing your cdp would be easy and transparent, there would be no surprises as to why or how things play out.

Cdp’s can be compounded just like anything else, it would be a useful strategy for the treasury to utilize even beyond rev share as it is a safer way to leverage against oneself, as long as the generated or borrowed funds are used for compounding and paybacks, the size of the cdp grows and the entire protocol better stabilizes itself over time as result rather than being so fragilely reliant on the macro trends of the broader ecosystem and the open markets we are currently circulating in.

food for thought, I would love some feedback from people who understand the dynamics here, I am sure there are things I am overlooking or holes in this idea I am missing somewhere!

Thank you for reading dear frogs <3


I’m sorry for my ignorance… could you elaborate on this or maybe say it a different way? I guess I don’t understand how it’d combat the depreciation of the TIME token if more is being minted and exchanged in this use case scenario, as the minting played a huge role in the depreciation. Are you implying that during the redemption phase the tokens then would be burned or perhaps a portion would be?

I understand the dynamic and i actually love it. But of course this has to be simulated to see it’s sustainability. If this is to be implemented, then I suggest we remove the rebases altogether because honestly we cant have 2 income in wonderland (the current staking rebases and this)

I would love something like this as it can cover both “staking” feature of wonderland while in the same time sharing revenue from whatever VC/farming activities of the DAO.

I will warn you tho, this is a totally new idea, love it or not, it’s not a simple thing to implement. We dont know whether Dani’s dev want to do it or not.


From the docs
No, TIME is not a stablecoin . Rather, TIME aspires to become an algorithmic reserve currency backed by other decentralized assets. Similar to the idea of the gold standard, TIME provides free-floating value its users can always fall back on, simply because of the fractional treasury reserves TIME draws its intrinsic value from.

So time is currently deprecated because it’s not being utilized for anything at all. It was previously used for minting, staking, and it factored into rebases. It was likely used by sifu to make trades in the past as well. The problem with this was the fact that it put too much pressure on the rebasing system, and the index of memo took the punishment, ultimately making rebases worthless.

Using a cdp would give investors a reason to buy Time again and use it to open up a cdp position, where they would have access to redeemable assets coming from rev share investments. As time is inflationary, combining a cdp liqudity foundation made up of time or wmemo with the current way time supply, minting, and rebasing work would provide the treasury with a very useful tool in regards to staying true to its original purpose and also better control the supply of time currently circulating. the price would stabilize and gain momentum as more people deposit it in the protocol and even borrow against it to some extent.


well if they don’t I will at some point down the road lol

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