Revenue share proposal

I am proposing a revenue share only proposal.

I think it is important to take action quickly, and combining all of the aspects of creating a new billion dollar company in one proposal will take too long.
This proposal can be changed in the discussion period of time, and the request for comment time, but something needs to happen yesterday.

So here it is.
Please provide feedback.

Revenue share starting March 1, 2022.
To all WMEMO holders, including the treasury, which currently holds around 50% of WMEMO?
Revenue share to be distributed daily at midnight, based on the daily earnings of the treasury. If no earnings for that day, then no pay for that day.

Most earning will go back to treasury which will continue to grow.
Holders will start to receive something.

Potential to make different tiers of holders, long term holders earn more, new investors earn less of a percentage of revenue share.

The details can be worked out during the discussion.

I say we start a revenue share ASAP, this will drive the WMEMO price up, this will be a great step forward.


I like it but would do it weekly instead of daily to incentivize long(er) term investments.
Also, the timeframe is too long. Twenty five days is an eternity in the crypto world, so I would suggest to take advantage of its bullish efrect and do it sooner


Pass it forward and make pruposal more detailed asap!

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Agree. Pass it forward and make proposal more detailed.

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I’m with this guy, weekly sounds better. People like to take quick profits and run.

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I don’t think I’m for this. This seems to negate te gains that could be made by compounding

I agree with this proposal.
However, payouts should be done on a weekly time frame.
This is a much simpler proposal than the others and should be able to be put into place rather quickly.

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